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Spring is here!

Retreats, workshops, meditation, yin, evening & day sessions, restorative sessions, music and more.

Get in touch to find out more, have a look at the teacher profiles.

Be aware that many teachers adhere to the school term, so check out the next few weeks with your teacher to see what they are up to & when they are on holiday!

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When things change…

By katie | 07/03/2024

Yoga is not just on the mat… Perhaps an affirmation of not wasting our precious time in these fleeting lives of ours. “love what you do and do what you love”

Katie's Yoga Collective was conceived in lock down when we offered an online Yoga Day to raise money for Charity.

Since then we have organised Day workshops to introduce and broaden our understanding of yoga.

We are comitted to responding to YOU, and have adapted the workshop days to meet a broader audience, we hope you can come!

Our next Yoga Day is September 28th 2024

Our mission is to raise awareness of Yoga - and with so many skilled and enthusiastic teachers locally we want to support Totnes' reputation as a centre of excellence for Yogis.

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The Timetable

We all have our favourite styles of Yoga and times we can go to a session. We have developed the Timetable as a way to find out which sessions work for you...


An introduction to the teachers

We give you details of their classes, style of teaching and when their classes are.

If there are teachers, workshops or events you think should be included please let us know as we build out this resource! I



We welcome your feedback on the site and If you are teacher running classes or retreats local to Totnes we would love to hear from you.



Katie & the collective.

We are building a comprehensive timetable of the Collective practitioners' regular sessions as a resource to our community.

We will do our best to keep this up to date but if you notice an error please let us know


Weekly Time Table