I am delighted that we are all getting back on track and that live classes are proving so popular... I encourage anyone who wants to come to prebook. 'Drop ins' add an interesting dynamic to classes and teaching but there are only sometimes spaces. In particular, my Friday class are usually at capacity.

I also have limited availability for 1 2 1 classes.

The site has a dual purpose ...

To promote ME..but we are so blessed in having a great range of teachers in Totnes and beyond. My ten years of practising and teaching locally have given me insight into many different ‘methods’ and also introduced me to great teachers.

I want to introduce them to you. If you click on any of the collectives - it will give you details of their teachings and when their classes are.

If there are teachers, workshops or events you think should be included please let me know as we build out this resource.

On my profile there is also link to my booking page - at the moment with other teachers let me know through an email and I will put you in touch.


Katie Hancock

TQ9 Classes

Adam Thomas

The practice of hatha yoga supports us in gaining intimate inner knowledge of the physical body, its energies and creates the ideal conditions for the revelation of the depth of our being. ‘Hridaya Hatha Yoga is a beautiful synthesis of asanas, activation of the chakras, meditation, and awareness.’

Image of Joy Prater, yoga practitioner

Joy Prater

I’m really excited to be part of this collaborative movement of yoga practitioners and I’m keen to share my skills, knowledge and love of yoga with you all. What I enjoy sharing most of all is gentle yoga in a style that is accessible for everyone.


Gina Hayes

I’m thrilled to be part of this inspiring collaboration and to be raising awareness of the endless benefits of Yoga. I’ve been teaching Yoga for more than 15 years and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned. My teaching combines breath, alignment and energy work in creative sequences to free cluttered minds and bodies and lift the spirits.

Katie Hancock

Katie Hancock

The kind of Yoga I regularly guide is one that not only focuses on connection to your physical body, but can also help you to release the deeper aspects of your mind and body.

My four group sessions have a different focus and include elements of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Somatics, Meditation.

Alix Riley

Alix Riley

I’d like to say how pleased I am to be a part of Katie’s Yoga collective! So lovely to be included in this inspiring group of local Yoga teachers.


Sabina Macintyre

I teach Hridaya Hatha Yoga, a form of classical hatha yoga practiced in a contemplative style.

The practice is mostly performed with the eyes closed and we generally hold āsanas for longer than other styles. This helps us to interiorise and connect with the more subtle aspects of our being.


Beyond TQ9 Classes

image of James Russel in a Yoga pose

James Russell

It is a pleasure to be involved with this collaboration and touch base with many teachers I know. Bringing us together is inspired and a great way to move forward through recent events.
The importance of different yoga practices are becoming more visible to the general public and I am keen to share my enthusiasm for the Kriyas.




Stephanie Bailey

I am thrilled to be joining Katie and all these amazing teachers to share the diverse expressions that constitute what yoga is and can be. In today’s session I will share a Kundalini Pranayam Flow, with mantric music to guide the flow of movements, breath, mudra and meditation. Expect a great playlist and some chanting!


Workshops and Retreats

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