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Get to know the Yoga Collective

Our mission is to raise awareness of Yoga - and with so many skilled and enthusiastic teachers locally we want to support Totnes' reputation as a centre of excellence for Yoga and Holistic sciences.

Katie's Yoga Collective was conceived in lock down when we offered an online Yoga Day to raise money for Charity.
Since then we have orgnanized Days to discover and explore different facets of Yoga.

Our collective teachers are not in competition with each other, we are raising our vibration above this egocentric frame of mind to a place where our clients can make the most of their yoga teachers locally without fear of offending any of us, and remaining true to their own personal practice, whatever that might look like. This is the true spirit of yoga's dharma.

Variety of Classes

By coming together and forming a collective we are able to offer a wide variety of classes, as well as support for each other with the undulations of life.

Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Anusara Yoga, Hridaya Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yinyasa flow... and so on


We are a vibrant community of yoga teachers and yoga practitioners. As far as we're concerned Yoga makes the world a better place one breath at a time, one session at a time. Yoga is a medium of nourishment, just like air for the lungs, & food for the body. Yoga for integration.

Special Events

We love Yoga, and we love sharing it with the world. For a number of years we have been organising Yoga Days in Totnes. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

We will give you regular updates of open days, retreats, workshops, classes and courses as and when they come up.

Recent Projects

Featured Teachers


When things change…

Yoga is not just on the mat… Perhaps an affirmation of not wasting our precious time in these fleeting lives of ours. “love what you do and do what you love”


Self assessment

Another slant on Self assessment, not according to HMRC. perhaps with a more realistic less AI view…



The qualities of a yogi, thoughts from the term & the year, welcome to new subscribers, and many blessings for the winter festivities


Hidden practices of Yoga

Hidden practices, why Buddhism & Hinduism have a role in Yoga. -&what it looks like (a little sneak peek)


Natural rebel.

As Autumn teaches us again to wrap up and prepare for the darker months, we launch into our practice with change in mind…

Emma in a circle

Introducing Emma.

An energetic peaceful warrior, Emma takes us on a journey through our bodies to the depths.


Herding Kittens! 12 yoga teachers in the same place!

Reading between the lines of the collective, and the spotlight turns to the writer. Life in a nutshell, yoga woven in… why the superpower thing?


Our wonderful teachers: Katie

Reading between the lines of the collective, and the spotlight turns to the writer. Life in a nutshell, yoga woven in… why the superpower thing?

Natalie in studio

Our wonderful teachers! Natalie

Interview with a Yogi, Natalie dives deep for us & as a host for the upcoming yoga day in Totnes, she opens her door to all.

Lara Tree

Our wonderful yoga teachers…

Lara’s uniqueness comes in the form of her working on her own physical strength, but more than that is her enthusiasm to infect people with her own constant learning;
“People often say –“oh I can’t do that pose” or; ”I think I’ll sit this one out”
and I’m like, lets change that narrative to:
“I can’t do that –YET!” and, maybe; “I’ll give it a try”

This superpower of Lara’s is really valuable and makes her stand out amongst the plethora of yoga teachers out there.