Adam Thomas

The kind of Yoga I teach?

Hridaya Hatha Yoga

The practice of hatha yoga supports us in gaining intimate inner knowledge of the physical body, its energies and creates the ideal conditions for the revelation of the depth of our being. 'Hridaya Hatha Yoga is a beautiful synthesis of asanas, activation of the chakras, meditation, and awareness.' During the practice of Hridaya hatha yoga the invitation is:-

  • To practice as much as possible with the eyes closed which creates a sense of interiorisation or withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara). 
  • To find a balance between effort and relaxation. 
  • To develop a witnessing attitude (Observing everything that arises within us while remaining non-reactive).
  • To connect to the subtle energies of the chakra system and their universal qualities.
  • To reveal the Self, the unchanging background of Stillness.
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    Practitioners History

    Hridaya hatha yoga and meditation - Practitioner since 2016 and teacher since 2019.

    I began with Ashtanga yoga in 2014 because of the sequential structure of the practice which allowed me to practice with and without guidance from a teacher.

    A few years later I started practicing Hridaya hatha yoga and have practiced this style ever since. At the same time I also sat my first 10 day Hridaya silent meditation retreat and the two practices go hand in hand. Hridaya means Heart which is another word for the Self. The primary purpose of Hridaya meditation and hatha yoga is Self-revelation - a reconnection to the depth or our being.


    • Hridaya Yoga, Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training 500 hours, 2019 
    • Hridaya Yoga, yoga modules 1-4, 2018 - 2019
    • Silent meditation retreats (Hridaya meditation and Vipassana), including dark room retreats and solitary retreats 
    • 8 week Meditation Integration Course 
    • Service as Karma Yogis for over two years 
    • Dzogchen Beara, CARE: 5 week meditation training course for care givers

    Practitioner's usual Yoga Classes -Where & When Timetable

    Meditative Yoga, Hatha Yoga for Men & Twilight Yoga
    Time Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    Hatha Yoga for Men

    9:30am – 11:00am

    Eversfield Organic wellness Loft, advance bookings


    PM Totnes Natural Health Centre,


    drop-in, donation, pranayama & meditation

    Totnes Natural Health Centre

    Twilight Yoga


    advance bookings

    £5-£10, hatha yoga


    I also offer 1:1 classes



    "Through his calm and loving presence, Adam creates a space where one really feels at home and his classes mirror the depth he has reached in his own practice. Such a gift to be able to go on this journey inside with him. Sabina emanates so much love and motherly care in her classes and through this really makes it easy for her students to go deeper and fully let go, meeting the present moment in a loving embrace.."

    — Eva RM