Alix Riley

The kind of Yoga I teach?

Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

My classes are for Over fifties and for those who prefer a softer more gentle class. I teach Hatha Yoga, which is an umbrella term covering many types of yoga. I teach a holistic class and aim to accommodate people with a variety of different health issues. I am happy to change my lesson plan to adapt to what my students find is possible and enjoyable. The class is quite varied and includes breathing techniques, walking and seated meditation, relaxation, gentle stretches and flows to open the joints and loosen the body. We do postures and flows on the floor, from seated, some inversions, and standing poses, balances and twists. I encourage people to listen in to the rhythms of their own body. If a certain posture causes any difficulty ease gently out of it and I can help you to find some way of adapting things to suit you. I am conscious that some things may feel difficult for our older age group and I always encourage people to err on the side of caution. Over time we build up strength, flexibility and endurance, and if we continue to practice yoga into retirement it is one of the very best ways of dealing with life’s stresses and keeping ourselves healthy and happy. My classes usually finish with a Yoga Nidra – a guided relaxation which is especially beneficial for that wondrous inner calm and healing.


Alix Riley

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    What can you expect from Alix's sessions?

    I am limiting numbers in the class for Covid reasons, so that we all have room to breathe! This also means I am able to taylor-make the lesson to suit those present. After a short meditation at the beginning, we flow gently through some warm ups to ease open the joints. I encourage Ujjayi breathing (in and out through the nose making a soft audible sound), which helps to keep the attention on the breath. The class varies each week. There may be Kriyas to cleanse and open the nasal passages and pranayama breathing techniques to strengthen the breathing apparatus.  There may be Asanas in all the main position, supine, prone, seated, standing, inverted and these may include balances and twists. It may sound a lot, but the pace of the class is slow and gentle, with time to rest and breathe.  I encourage you to coordinate your breathing with the movements and flows. Yoga is a living art, as Erich Schiffman says, the idea is to improve and enhance the quality of your participation, to immerse yourself fully in this now moment and thereby be guided from within. This will  enhance your enjoyment of yoga and in the process your enjoyment of life.

    Alix Riley's History

    I have been learning about yoga for over 13 years, teaching Yoga for 3 years and practicing as a yoga therapist for 18 months.  For 35 years I was a piano teacher for children and adults, working from home and in schools locally in South Devon. I stopped teaching the piano due to tinnitus and sound sensitivity, and found that Yoga was helpful with these, enabling an inner relaxed calm to emerge, as well as a strength and fitness that despite 18 years going to the gym had eluded me.  Alongside yoga I have developed a growing interest and understanding of meditation, through Sharpham House, the Barn Retreat centre and Gaia House. Meditation is a part of Yoga, as Patanjali espoused over 2000 years ago through the Eightfold path, and through yoga (and meditation) a strong inner health and harmony can be instilled. I am interested in the joy and bliss of meditation and have a passion to share this through yoga.



    • Devon School of Yoga 500 hours Teacher Training Certificate
    • Post Graduate Yoga Therapy Diploma 250 hours Devon School of Yoga
    • Yin Yoga Teacher Training course.
    • BSC Honours Open University
    • Certificate of Teaching  ABRSM Associated Board of the Royal School of Music.

    Alix Riley's runs one over 50’s gentle Hatha Yoga Class per week

    Alix offers 1:1 classes currently

    She teaches one to one in person at her home and at client’s homes in South Devon and is also available online.

    There is more info on this on my website

    What I hope people get out of my classes

    ‘We desire that you live up to your full potential, for only then will you experience both harmony and happiness.  Only then will you possess real health, not just freedom from disease.’    From Yoga – A Way Of Life, by Dr B P Pillai


    I truly believe that yoga is a the best way to enhance one’s well being and all round health and vitality. I hope that I can instill some of my passion for Yoga into my classes and encourage my pupils to experience first-hand the benefits of a regular practice.



    "Sensitively paced, deeply restful yet dynamic, these sessions are founded upon kindness and well-being. Thank you, thank you Alix. "

    — Jenny Q

    "Thanks again for another useful lesson. I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you put into planning and demonstrating and I’m sure your regulars do too ... "

    — Jeremy

    "This is a perfect class for beginners, Alix is calming and reassuring, pushing us just enough to feel you are stretching yourself..."

    — Fiona