Ione Harris

About me

I teach a form of classical hatha yoga practised in a contemplative style. During an asana class I invite learners to close their physical eyes or soften their gaze. The invitation is to hold the poses for longer than other styles and the dṛṣṭi is guided to different energy centres in the body. After the asana I will introduce a pause, a sacred pause, where we have the opportunity to observe the effects of the asana, thus becoming more aware of the subtle body. I also like to sing mantras, create altars for the change of seasons or moon phases, and connect with the five elements.


I am interested in pedagogy and spiritual activism. And I would like to say I adopt a contemplative approach to dismantling cultural appropriation, but because of the complexity of its nature, I am not sure if I succeed. Saying that, I acknowledge the identities I hold within and outside the dominant culture as being a white, female, middle class, able bodied, university educated human being, and I recognize the complexities that may arise sharing an ancient practice which is not from my cultural heritage. Reflective practice is central to my work and I strive to apply this to my yoga teaching, engaging in discussions about how to honour and not appropriate the practice of yoga and to teach in a way which aligns with my values while holding respect for the yoga tradition and each individual who enters my class.



    For me yoga is about RELATIONSHIP. It is my best friend, my lover, my teacher. I practice daily as a way to reclaim connection to myself, the communities around me, the land I live on and to divine consciousness. I came across yoga in my late teens while travelling in India and I knew I wanted it to be part of my life forever. I have had the fortune of having many wonderful teachers to whom I am grateful, but in particular I am grateful to Harmony Hannigan, a dear friend and teacher. She is to me what Krishna is to Arjuna.

    I am devotee of the Goddess, meaning that I recognize that divine consciousness exists in everything manifested.


    At the moment I’m working within the framework of workshops and retreats dedicating a fixed time to a certain aspect of Yoga.

    Yoga history:

    Studies and practice:


    • Formación Profesional de 500h Nayanacharya with Harmony Hannigan at Nayanayoga.YogaAlliance federated.
    • Mahavidya Yoga Shakti Sadhana - The Ten Faces of the Goddess with Harmony Hannigan
    • Vessel of Worth ~ Journeys in Ritual, Magic and Insight with Leila Sadeghee and Kimiko Tao Fujimoto
    • The Teaching of the Yoga Sutras with Christopher Chapple
    • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The seminal text of the Yoga Tradition with Edwin Bryant.
    • Embodied Activism with Rae Johnson.
    • Yoga Techniques in Education (TYE) The RYE association (Research on Yoga in Education)
    • Yoga Nidra - The RYE association (Research on Yoga in Education)
    • TeenYoga Teacher Training Course with Charlotta Martinus
    • AMI Montessori trained.
    • Masters in Education (Alternatives to Education and Sustainability)
    • Family retreats in Plum Village -Thich Naht Hahn.
    • 10 day Vipassana silent retreats.

    Currently offering:

    The Stories Behind the Poses.

    One off classes: 

    13th June 9h00 ~11h30, 

    19th June 18h30 to 20h00,

    28th June 18h00 to 19h30

    St John’s Bridgetown Church, Bridgetown, Totnes.


    I’m inspired to offer these classes as a way of deepening our relationship with the lore of ancient India, from where yoga stems, and the profound life wisdom it encodes.

    June is the month to offer our donations to the charity:

    which mobilizes practitioners worldwide to channel their gratitude into empowering India’s women and children to create sustainable lives.


    In September 2023 I will be offering a 12-week course of deep immersion into Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, a seminal text of the yoga tradition. Even though, there will be a particular focus on the Yamas (the foundational limb of the eight-limbed path (ashtanga) according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras), all the eight limbs will be incorporated.



    Ione is an exceptional yoga and yamas teacher who is both passionate and compassionate in helping her students increase their knowledge and find inner peace through yoga practice and philosophy. Her classes are well structured and infused with mindfulness, making them very rewarding physically and mentally. Ione has a deep understanding of the theories and practices. For me personally she has also catalysed connection to a divine spiritual energy within and brought about healing during a prolonged recovery from illness. I can highly recommend Ione for anyone looking for healing and to deepen their yoga practice and understanding of the yamas.

    ~ Alison

    Ione is a great teacher and I felt that she is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of Yoga. I felt that the balance of theory and practice went very well, and I've learnt a lot. I've really enjoyed it - so much that I've enrolled on her next course! 

    ~ Louise

    I really enjoyed this course and that there was a theory/ discussion part and also a practical part to practice yoga! The teacher was really good and adapted to the students' requests.