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A dynamic and invigorating breath-based kriya practice. This class is a great way to experience the power of kriyās - powerful breathing techniques which stimulate the respiratory system, boost vital energy and heighten physical and mental well being. Yoga kriyas offer a systematic, holistic method by which we can start to rid ourselves of toxicity, recharge our energy levels and enjoy increased vitality and good health.

You do not need to be flexible or strong to learn the kriyās and they can be practised by almost anybody regardless of age, mobility or previous experience. The class will begin with some light preliminary/vinyasa type warming up exercises and the main part of the practice is either a full standing or seated Kriyas session, concluding with some simple asana ( postures) and deep Nidra style relaxation.



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    I've been practising yoga for over twenty years and teaching yoga since 2007. I teach a holistic approach to yoga that is primarily rooted in haṭha yoga and influenced by the philosphy of Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra.


    British Wheel of Yoga - Foundation Diploma 2007 Certificate in Yoga Studies - Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India 2007 Advanced Certificate in Yoga Studies - Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India 2007 Yoga Teacher Training Diploma - Devon School of Yoga 2009 Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Devon School of Yoga 2014 Vinyasa Krama Teacher Training - Srivatsa Ramaswami 2014 2014 - to present: self study

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    Holistic Yoga is a universal approach to yoga that can be practised by almost anyone as means by which to cultivate optimum health, well being and mental clarity:

    • Joint mobility and flexibility are improved.
    • The body is toned and strengthened
    • Respiratory system, nervous system and immune system are stimulated and balanced.
    • Through breathwork and guided relaxation, the body is brought into a state of deep relaxation in which stress and tension are released and healing is faciliated.
    • Above all, this approach to yoga helps to calm the mind in order to experience a sense of clarity and peace.

    This class will include preliminary warming up exercises, breathing techniques, sychronised breath & movement, as well as a variety of simple held yoga postures. Each class concludes with a guided 'nidra' style relaxation.

    Suitable for all levels of experience and ability.
    Experience required
    None whatsooever!
    Currently on Zoom during lockdown - Tuesday 6 - 7:30pm

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