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What can people expect ?

Very pleased to be joining Katie’s gang! I love the idea of this collective, allowing students and teachers to discover the style and focus of teachers and classes offered locally. Yoga is an individual practice, so it’s important to find a class that meets your needs and abilities, at the same time inviting you to explore each pose and technique and extend your range and experience.

Above all yoga is about union and inclusivity – everyone can benefit from a class that is the right level and pace for them. Since yoga is non-competitive, it’s apt that teachers also don’t compete for students - far better we direct students towards the class that's right for them. There is such community in the collective, and a good community is a wonderful thing.

I teach classical hatha yoga – integrating asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, relaxation, Yoga Nidra. I’ve experimented with various styles and teachers over the years, but always return to my classical roots because it opens my heart, empties my mind, makes me feel light and spacious, and many people who come to my classes experience the same.

Classes are dynamic, safe, always extending just to your edge, a range of postures to complement each other. A short composure, then movements from the Pawanmuktasana series, sun salutations, head stand, shoulder stand (for those who want, other options for those who don't), several core asanas and some lesser known ones with modifications for wherever you’re at - one size does not fit all. Ending with savasana and pranayama.

Focus on alignment and breath throughout the class, and having fun too☺

Yoga is 100% reliable; practiced often with attention to the breath, spine, and alignment, it always inspires and moves us into a better place, creating light and space in our bodies. Then we find the space between the breaths and the thoughts, where spontaneous joy and peace live.

Jane Mackernass
Jane Mackernass

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    Jane Mackarness's History

    I was introduced to yoga at the age of 13, when my mother Ruth attended classes with B K S Iyengar in London in 1966; she loved his classes and Iyengar gave her his book, the classic Light on Yoga. When Ruth died in 1967, I inherited this gift and comforted myself by practicing yoga.

    I studied integral yoga for four years with the late Kevin Kingsland, the BWY Dip with Jenni Adams, continuously study and refer to texts from the great classical teachers, and attend workshops and retreats when possible. Dr Gabor Mate and Dr Bessel van der Kolk's work on trauma have also been welcome, significant and positive influences.

    My recent focus is on Yoga Nidra and Trauma Informed Yoga teacher training. Since my beloved son Guy died in 2013, my yoga and Yoga Nidra practice provide strength and peace, more than ever before.

    I qualified as a classical homeopath, completing my training with Misha Norland in 1987, I practiced for many years and still have a handful of patients, but my first love is yoga; I’m also a Reiki Master.



    • E-RYTwith the US Yoga Alliance
    • qualified to conduct teacher training
    • yoga CPD workshops and courses
    • Registered Yoga Elder YTT with thousands of hours of practice, teaching and training experience.

    Weekly Classes for this Practitioner

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     https://www.moveforwardwellness.co.uk/classes in beautiful studio 1 at 16 High St, Totnes - opposite St Mary’s Church
    Pre-paid per block of 6 classes: £54.00. Drop in per class: £11.00.

    Max 8 people, time for individual attention and advice in a mixed ability class, beginners welcome, everyone works at their own pace and level – come and join us.

    Dynamic, safe, friendly and fun group – stretch, relax, unwind at your own level and pace with a very experienced teacher/trainer.

    This class is currently full but please let me know if you’d like to be put on the waiting list.

    Jane also offers Yoga Nidra and Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra teacher training courses - 6 months immersion in the study and practice of Yoga Nidra https://classicalyoga.co.uk and one to ones.



    "Jane has a friendly relaxed teaching style and for her to be able to focus on my individual needs and build a programme of exercises that could help me to strengthen my personal areas of weakness was invaluable. She is particularly astute at picking up on the areas that need to be worked on.

    In the weekly class sessions Jane always spent time going round the class helping each person get the best out of each posture, but there was of course limited time to home in on the specific needs of each person. With one-to-one sessions Jane was able to highlight the particular problem areas I had and tailor a practice session that was really beneficial to me, concentrating on the most useful exercises to increase my general fitness and flexibility.
    She was also able to help with some of the breathing exercises that I find difficult and was very good at gently encouraging me to try to practice each day! I would recommend her teaching sessions to anyone."

    — JB
    South Pool, Kingsbridge

    "Thank you so much for your classes Jane – I hadn’t done any yoga for a long time before joining your class, I love the pace and depth of them. It has reminded me why I fell in love with yoga all those years ago and it’s now a regular part of my life again"

    — JG

    “Jane’s knowledge and wisdom were invaluable in this Yoga Nidra course. The four modules and the associated daily practice allow you the time and opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the subject, covering a wealth of styles and influences, which for me was a profoundly illuminating and positive experience. It has given me the confidence and energy to want to teach Yoga Nidra going forward.

    The support and mentoring from Jane were exceptional and I would highly recommend this course”

    — Madeline Best