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Gentle Yoga

Joy’s gentle yoga classes are in a style that is accessible for all, combining asana (postures), flowing exercises, and meditation, with the breath.

Each Gentle Yoga class will include postures and exercises that can be modified for each individual, depending on ability and familiarity with yoga. The classes will be a mix of gentle dynamic exercises, longer held postures and deep relaxation.

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    Mother and Baby classes

    This class is open to all mothers or carers with their baby, no matter how familiar they are with yoga (you don't have to be postnatal). It is a gentle yoga practice, which includes and engages your baby, without directly putting them into yoga postures.

    ​The practice will focus more on your/the carer's body, incorporating exercises that promote postnatal recovery, such as gentle core strengthening (abdominal and pelvic floor), as well as stretching, strengthening and breath-work practices. The class is engaging and fun to enjoy together with your baby, as well as nurturing and restful for yourself!

    Pregnancy Yoga

    This pregnancy yoga class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy - a gentle yoga practice for you as your baby grows and your body transforms to support this new life. We will be focusing on nurturing and nourishing your body, calming the mind and nervous system and supporting the breath in preparation for birthing. Open to all pregnant women, there is no previous yoga experience necessary, as this class is gentle and nurturing, with low-impact and flowing movements, calming breath-work, and deep relaxation.

    Joy's History:

    Yoga and pilates for 24 years, been teaching yoga since 2015.


    Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours) - Devon School of Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Training - Yoga Campus (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli)

    Devon School of Yoga - Yoga Therapy

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    "Yoga with Joy, is quite literally that! Joy creates a beautiful space and holds the class in such a way that both beginners and more advanced yogis feel at home. Her deep knowledge, gentle approach and well thought through sequences give a sense of calm and well being. I have practiced with many teachers over the years and Joy's class is the one I keep returning to time and again."

    — BECKS

    "I have just really enjoyed Joy's latest video of gentle yoga from The Angel Hall. It is perfect for anyone like me who is easing themselves back into yoga after a long time away or for anyone who just wants to take it easy with their practice whilst also feeling a difference in themselves after the session. Having a video to do during lockdown and for those times when getting to a class is impossible means that I can keep up a practice in a way that works for me. Thanks so much Joy, you're a great teacher' - , Totnes."

    — CHERYL