Katie Hancock

The kind of Yoga I teach?

Through my personal practice of yoga and somatic consciousness I have made leaps and bounds towards a healthier happier life.

I share this understanding with lightness and, but also with a depth of conviction.

We examine the integration of your body and your mind work together through movement and breath as well as through stillness.

The power of intention are the bedrock of my work.

I'm looking to use yoga as a tool to help us with connection, concentration. To give a wider appreciation & understanding of body & mind with a humble appreciation of the skills of others both present and past.

Katie Hancock

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    What can you expect from Katie's sessions?

    I have a holistic approach having had many guides and teachers myself.

    I have been given access to a wide variety of yoga practices, meditation techniques, and active somatic methods  to bring a sense of wholeness to a session.

    Inspired by Hatha yoga, Scaravelli yoga, Iyengar yoga amongst many other practitioner influences I have created sessions that meet the mood of the class, the weather, the season, and many other adaptations that may be of use to the attendees at that time and place.

    Yoga philosophy is important to me and I offer history and tradition in my sessions as a way to bring depth and vision to the attendees. My work lends itself to 1-1 sessions which I also offer and has the benefit of being specific and focussed to individual's needs and requests.

    Number of classes

    Four group sessions. Two of which inviting drop in's and two are course structured sessions

    Course length

    I teach regular classes in term times and most attendees book the half-term in advance. I also offer occasional weekend retreats or days of yoga.


    Drop-ins are welcome to sun salutations and my Yin class and on request to hatha class on Fridays.  Tuesday Yin Somatics will be term time, book in advance for your space, block booking encouraged.

    " You are what your deep driving desire is,

    as your desire is, so is your will,

    as your will is so is your deed,

    as your deed it, so is your destiny" 



    This quote always gets my juices flowing, with such a power in the words, how can we keep learning

    knowing how quickly we change.

    Katie's History

    I've been practicing Yoga since 1999 and Meditation. Buddhism since 2002. My Yoga practice is influenced by Hatha, Iyengar, & Scaravelli methods as well as other influences based on ongoing studies.
    I also have a background in a variety of healing practices and the arts.


    • Devon School of Yoga, Diploma Teacher training 500hours. 2011
    • Tomas Hana Somatics training guide. 2021
    • IYN Vitality in the spine CPD module 2020
    • Meditation guide, Triratna Buddhism. 2009
    • Fine Art degree 2001
    • Active Somatics 200 hours training.

    Katies's usual Yoga Classes -Where & When Timetable

    Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    AM Sun salutations


    -09.30 am

    1-1 sessions 1-1 sessions Sun Salutations


    -09.30 am

    Hatha Yoga

    PM Yin Somatics & Meditation

    18:30 - 19:30

    1-1 sessions

    1-1 sessions


    What I hope people get out of my clases

    I'd like to think people leave my sessions with a vibrancy which lends itself to efficiency, peacefulness and space in their everyday lives. Yoga is a practice which isn't just on a sticky mat, it is broad and deep, and lends itself to how we think, how we react and respond, but also how we live our lives in so many ways. My life changed profoundly when I started going to regular classes 20 years ago, I found concentration easier, my eating habits changed, my friendships changed, lots of little details in my life seemed in need of adjusting to meet this newly found peace. I got to know myself a bit better, as an ever changing being. I hope that some might find a taste of peace from my sessions.



    "Small observations in daily life help me to see how Yoga has improved my life...

    I like myself more... I was serious when I said the contribution I give for your time is the best spend I am making."

    — S.P

    "Katie's yoga sessions are full of passion, expression, lively and fun, a reality check or two, and can pretty much guarantee a deeply personal experience each time."

    — Tonia

    "An excellent teacher with a lighthearted touch!"

    — Andrew, Gentle Yoga
    Chapel house Studio.