Natalie Taylor

What can people expect ?

Being a teacher for me is asking myself how I can be of service to individuals, the community and the world we live in. I start by being positive, knowing that now Moveforward wellness studio is open that I will work hard to make sure I see what is happening in front of me and cater to the needs of people who come into the studio first and make a really good impact.   

This is a wellness studio based around the elements and philosophy of yoga. Natalie has many different styles of yoga and classes to suit everyone who walks in the door.


    Natalie's History

    Natalie is a movement artist and is at her best when teaching and supporting others in movement and mind development. Running & teaching at Move Forward Wellness Studio Totnes Devon.

    Something that Natalie finds most important when teaching movement, is alignment throughout the body with a high regard to prevention of injury. Natalie also finds students need a sense of achievement within class and works hard to make this so.

    Natalie’s movement journey began with contemporary dance. After time on stage and behind the screens in the world of dance, she made the transition into Yoga.

    Specifically Ashtanga Yoga, where Natalie found a new way of life. Natalie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Himalaya Yoga Valley in Goa, India in 2017. Natalie believes it is this practice of yoga that has taught her the importance of mind and body connection. A belief that was strengthened further in 2019 when she then completed a Yoga therapy course for Mindfulness and PTSD at The Minded Institute, London. She then continued her journey and completed her Acro Yoga teacher training in 2020, and feels that Acro Yoga is a great way to bring people together, help keep you fit but with the added benefit of having an element of fun. This certification in Acro Yoga further enhances her teaching of students to trust their bodies, build confidence, strength, and a connection with others through platonic touch.

    Now teaching and running Move Forward Wellness Studio Totnes she focuses on relaying the importance of developing one’s awareness and their connection between mind and body. She teaches people to develop this connection through mindfulness, meditation, self-care, Pranayama (breathing), movement and a further understanding into the ethics and philosophy of Yoga.

    Empowering people to understand their feelings and bodies wherever they are, why they feel that way in their mind or body and using that newfound knowledge to learn how to help themselves in their everyday lives.

    Yoga is about what is going on within and finding this out allows you to project this outward.


    • 2020 Acro Yoga teacher training with Acro Love

    • 2019 Yoga therapy course for Mindfulness and PTSD at The Minded Institute, London

    • 2017 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Himalaya Yoga Valley in Goa, India

    • 2016 Masters Degree in Choreography from Trinity Laban Conservatoire


    Move Forward Wellness Studio Totnes is located at 16 High street, Totnes

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