Nick Watson


Yoga first caught my attention back in 2013 when I began practising to help recover from a herniated disk. But rather than the physical results that followed, what truly caught my attention was the philosophy behind it.

Slowly but surely as my attitude and belief system changed it began to open up new dimensions and aspects to life which I could have only dreamed of.

At this point it feels important to note that at the same time Yoga entered my life so did shamanism. The two became entwined in a sort of dance where Yoga, of a more celestial nature,  balanced the earthy wisdom from the more underworld shamanic practises which also transformed so much of my life and the my relationships to the worlds around me.

What can people expect ?

Here in Totnes I teach Yin and Vinyasa yoga, if you are interested in either practise and want to know more please get in touch. I am also happy to talk about my shamanic experiences with anyone who holds an interest in that walk of life.

Nick Watson
Nick Watson

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    KYC Member-inactive, Teacher, TQ9 Classes


    • 200hr YTT (Ashtanga and Hatha)
    • 20hr Yin



    "I go to Nick’s Yin and Vinyasa yoga classes each week and they give my body and mind a beautiful balance of strength building and restoration. Nick is careful to create a welcoming space which is both spiritual and laid back and as a result I feel able to push myself and progress in my practice, or to just lie in a ball if that’s what’s needed on the day! His teaching style is gentle and clear, there are always different variations offered and he is so conscientious of peoples different needs. I really appreciate the time given to meditation and shavasana in his classes, it feels like a properly holistic way to practice yoga, which can be hard to find. There is also a real community developing around Nick’s classes and it’s been so lovely to get to know the others. "

    — Annie
    Totnes, Devon

    "I’ve been attending Nick’s class for 3 months and am absolutely loving it. His classes have a great structure and vary in where we focus week to week. There are always plenty of modifications for all body types and personal support for each asana, he is always so kind, attentive and sensitive to my needs. Nick uses incense, sage, soft lighting and singing bowls in his practice for a beautiful sensory experience and the small group is intimate and friendly. My body always feels cared for and released after a class, ready for a peaceful evening or refreshed to continue with energy."

    — Jess
    Totnes, Devon