Rachel Howell

About Rachel

After a decade of practicing yoga to bring balance into my life following health issues, I found myself drawn to the idea of sharing this ancient practice with others. My journey began with immersing myself in the teachings of Hatha & Iyengar, and ultimately led me to pursue a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rajadhiraja yoga near Auroville, India, in Jan 2020. Little did I know that this decision would lead me to become a yoga teacher, a role I never imagined I would achieve. Amidst the challenges brought forth by the global pandemic, I found myself teaching online and then ultimately in person In Saudi Arabia where I was living at the time.
My journey into teaching has been a testament to the profound impact that it had on my own life, and I am committed to sharing the gift of yoga. As I have recently returned to living in the UK I am now keen to continue this journey.

What I teach and why

I teach mainly Vinyasa yoga based on the Ashtanga system. I enjoy the meditative movement into asanas linking with the breath to find stillness.

Rachel Howell

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    Teacher, TQ9 Classes


    • Rajadhiraja Yoga 200hr, Ganga Devi, India
    • Menopause yoga 50 hr, with Petra Coveney
    • Gravity Yoga 25hr with Lucas Rockwood.

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