Justin Dalton

About me

It was in 1998 while living in a squat in Camden Town that I discovered a passion for yoga, enthusiastically embracing a daily practice! Finding a Scaravelli-inspired style of practice was a revelation, I loved in-feeling the whole body as a slow rhythm, and enjoyed attending workshops with Diane Long and Sophy Hoare. I completed my teacher training with Bill Wood in 2009 with whom I still work on a weekly basis. Ive been teaching at the Sharpham Barn Meditation retreat centre and locally ever since, also working in yoga-therapy for autistic teenagers in Totnes.

What do I teach and why do I teach it?

I feel that Restoring an embodied presence, and allowing ourselves to be drawn into stillness , contributes to a more flourishing and compassionate life for ourselves and for others. I find that helping others to find fresh realms of depth and feeling is deeply meaningful in our world today.
Justin Dalton

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    Teacher, TQ9 Classes

    Justin's History History / Qualifications:

    • Completed a 2 year Scaravelli- style Teacher Training course at the Forge Yoga Centre with BIll Wood in 2009


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