Rowan Daly

About me

After years of dedicated personal practice in both asana and meditation, I travelled to India to train as a traditional hatha yoga teacher. My love for yoga, in all it’s forms has grown, evolved and deepened over the years and I’m so grateful to be able to share what I love with my students. I am passionate about bringing the core of what yoga truly is into my classes, while helping people experience a sense of calm, stillness and a deeper connection to self. Based in Totnes, South Devon, UK. I am a registered member of yoga alliance. I am also a mother, wife, nature lover, truth seeker and wild swimmer, as well as being a contemporary landscape artist, poet and art therapist.

What I teach and why I teach it?

I run traditional hatha yoga classes, aiming to create a sense of balance in mind, body and spirit. Cultivating a deeper awareness of the body through correct alignment, while consciously focusing on the breath, we move towards calming the mind. In traditional hatha yoga we use more static holds in poses, giving space to connect to the body and breath and find a sense of stillness within. Hatha yoga is all about creating balance between opposites, between the active and the passive energies within us, to ultimately lead us closer to the depths of who we truly are.
Rowan Daly

    Disciplines Taught:

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    Teacher, TQ9 Classes

    Rowan's History History / Qualifications:

    • 200h YTT in Traditional Hatha Yoga - studied in India. Registered with Yoga Alliance.
      Modules 1 & 2 Hridaya Yoga with Kalyan Yoga.