Sabina Macintyre

The kind of Yoga I teach?

I teach Hridaya Hatha Yoga, a form of classical hatha yoga practiced in a contemplative style.

The practice is mostly performed with the eyes closed and we generally hold āsanas for longer than other styles. This helps us to interiorise and connect with the more subtle aspects of our being.

During the practice you will be invited to find a balance between effort and relaxation. You will also learn to develop a witnessing attitude, (observing everything that arises within and around us, while resting in equanimity).

We will explore the energetic body through the chakra system and go even deeper, using the practice as a way to reveal our deepest essence.

Saturdays are my most gentle class – an ideal class if you are new to yoga, are easing back into your practice or simply want to cultivate deep relaxation.

Thursday evenings will be a bit more dynamic and we will explore some more esoteric practices that are true jewels of Hatha Yoga. I take turns sharing this class with Adam (the other half of 'Kalyan Yoga').

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Sabina Macintyre - Kalyan Yoga

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    Practitioners History

    My spiritual journey began with tentative steps in 2007 when I attended a Buddhist satsang with my Dad. While I didn't quite understand everything the monk was sharing, his words lit a spark in my heart and ignited the beginning of a lifelong journey exploring the path of meditation.

    I only connected to yoga 10 years later when I completed a meditation retreat that incorporated Hridaya Hatha Yoga. I was so inspired that I halted my legal career in New Zealand and dedicated myself full time to the practice of hatha yoga, meditation and karma yoga at the Hridaya Yoga Centre in Mexico.

    My husband Adam and I founded Kalyan Yoga when we moved to Devon in 2020. I've taught in Mexico, Manchester and now in Devon!

    I share Hridaya Hatha Yoga, which is a contemplative style of hatha yoga that deeply honours the roots of yogic practice and philosophy. I love it as an embodied practice of meditation.

    I also share meditation practices from a range of spiritual traditions, free from dogma. My favourite meditations are heart based practices inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

    I teach both hatha yoga and meditation through the lens and influence of non-dual philosophy or 'advaita-vedanta' in Sanskrit. Known as the pearl of Indian philosophy, at it's core is an understanding that there is no separation between anyone or anything.

    Yoga Qualifications:

    • Hridaya Yoga: 500 hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training 
    • Hridaya Yoga: Hatha Yoga Intensive Modules 1-4 (200h+)
    • Hridaya Yoga: 8 Week Meditation Integration Course 
    • Hridaya Yoga: Service as Karma Yoga Coordinator (and Karma Yogi myself!) for 2+ years

    Meditation experience:

    • Many silent meditation retreats, including dark room and solitary retreats at Hridaya Yoga, 
    • Dhamma Dhaja Vipassana Center, Kadampa Meditation Centre


    • University of Auckland: Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts

    Practitioner's usual Yoga Classes -Where & When Timetable

    Meditative Yoga, Hatha Yoga for Men & Twilight Yoga
    Time Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Eversfield Organic Wellness Loft
    advance bookings
    £5-£10, hatha yoga
    PM Totnes Natural Health Centre

    Twilight Yoga


    advance bookings

    £5-£10, hatha yoga


    I also offer 1:1 classes



    "Sabina emanates so much love and motherly care in her classes and through this really makes it easy for her students to go deeper and fully let go, meeting the present moment in a loving embrace."

    — Eva RM, Innsbruck, Austria

    "I followed a wonderful meditation class with Sabina, in which we learned a Buddhist meditation technique based on the breath. She made meditation very approachable for me, and made me fall in love this technique, which I continue to practice to this day."

    — Deborah, Lyon, France