Stephanie Bailey

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For me, yoga is so much more than physical stretching and breathing. During my years of study in dance and physical theatre I learnt from many modalities of movement expression such as Iyengar yoga with its emphasis on alignment and form, and 5 Rhythms and contact improvisation with their focus on expression and release; however it wasn’t until I had my first Kundalini Yoga experience that I realised where my path lay. For the past 10 years this has been my passion and path.



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    You can find me at where I run online yoga sessions for all bodies, offering 4 livestream classes weekly, the Kundalini Wheel program offering 5 minute/40 day practice challenges in our private Facebook group and a massive archive of on-demand yoga videos (Chair yoga, hatha, guided meditations, yoga dance, and of course lots of Kundalini!)




    "Steph is so diverse and her teaching of kundalini yoga and really does teach with such passion and belief. I have been attending her classes regularly and have discovered just how beneficial it is for me. Mentally and physically I have grown and that’s all to do with this class. All ages and abilities attend and such a friendly bunch we are. Come along and join in this truly wonderful journey with stuff. I cannot thank her enough for giving me feel a fitter healthier person in mind body and soul."

    — Lynn
    Totnes, Devon

    "I tried this yoga class about a year ago and have been hooked ever since! Kundalini Yoga, which was new to me, beautifully nurtures, cleanses and refreshes all of me; mind, body and spirit… Steph is an amazing teacher and guide. Her positive spirit and great sense of humour are a pleasure to be around. Her music is second to none!"

    Totnes, Devon

    "Kundalini is an incredibly powerful practice and Steph is the ideal instructor. Her one-to-one sessions are a great way to start to work on something specific and her weekly classes are always fun and uplifting. I couldn’t recommend Steph or kundalini more highly. Sat nam! "

    Totnes, Devon