Gina Hayes

Gina Hayes in a yoga pose

Qualifications / History

Gina has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and teaching for 15.  She teaches Hatha-Fusion Flow Yoga Classes which aim to leave you toned, revitalised with a spring in your step.
Gina is an explorer by nature and her yoga style matches this. She is open to different styles and finding new ways to help people free tension and connect. The aim of each class she teaches is to raise ‘conscious awareness’ in fun and creative ways.
Gina’s style draws on multiple yogic disciplines and Chinese Five Element theory. Classes combine breath, alignment and energy work in creative sequences to free cluttered minds and bodies and bring them into the here and now.
She has trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, Yoga Professionals, Kripalu Lifeforce and The Devon School of Yoga. More recently she has studied with international teachers Paul Grilley: ‘functional approach’ and Tara Judelle: ‘embodied flow’. 

Whether the class theme is ‘Bliss’ or ‘Declutter’ expect to smile, laugh and playfully explore your edges. Re-connect to find the best version of yourself in these challenging times.

  • British Wheel of Yoga (Barbara Joseph) Teacher Training Foundation
  • Yoga Professionals (Paul Conrad) Teacher Training
  • Kripalu Lifeforce Yoga (Amy Winetraub) Yoga Teacher Training
  • Sahej Academy (Martha Chester) Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Teacher Training
  • Devon School of Yoga (Duncan Hulin) Yoga Therapy Diploma
  • Aerial Silks Yoga (Gillie Sutherland) Teacher Training
  • Embodied Flow Training (Tara Judelle) Intensive
  • Paul Grilley The functional approach to Yin Yoga
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga (Cateyana) Kids Yoga Teacher Training
  • Reiki level I & II

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Joy Prater

Image of Joy Prater, yoga practitioner

Qualifications / History

Joy’s History:

Yoga and pilates for 24 years, been teaching yoga since 2015.


Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours) – Devon School of Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Training – Yoga Campus (Uma Dinsmore-Tuli)

Classes I teach

Mother and Baby classes

This class is open to all mothers or carers with their baby, no matter how familiar they are with yoga (you don’t have to be postnatal). It is a gentle yoga practice, which includes and engages your baby, without directly putting them into yoga postures.

​The practice will focus more on your/the carer’s body, incorporating exercises that promote postnatal recovery, such as gentle core strengthening (abdominal and pelvic floor), as well as stretching, strengthening and breath-work practices. The class is engaging and fun to enjoy together with your baby, as well as nurturing and restful for yourself!

Pregnancy Yoga

This pregnancy yoga class is suitable for all stages of pregnancy – a gentle yoga practice for you as your baby grows and your body transforms to support this new life. We will be focusing on nurturing and nourishing your body, calming the mind and nervous system and supporting the breath in preparation for birthing. Open to all pregnant women, there is no previous yoga experience necessary, as this class is gentle and nurturing, with low-impact and flowing movements, calming breath-work, and deep relaxation.

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Katie Hancock

Katie Hancock

Qualifications / History

  • Yoga Nidra -teacher training, in progress
  • Karate Win Chung- In progress
  • Devon School of Yoga, Diploma Teacher training 500 hours. 2011
  • Reiki 1 Devon School of Reiki. Devon. 2021
  • Tomas Hana Somatics training guide. 2021
  • IYN Vitality in the spine CPD module 2020
  • Tae-Kwon-Do 9thKyu 2019
  • Meditation guide, Triratna Buddhism. 2009-
  • TaiChi Qi Gong support guide 2003-06
  • Fine Art degree 2001
  • Active Somatics 200 hours training.

Classes I teach

Fridays Hatha Yoga, -an umbrella term encompassing many styles of Yoga, from asana, pranayama, vinyasa, and meditation, to discussion, theory, myth & philosophy, and deep relaxation and you will be privy to what Katie is studying at any given time. (She’s always studying something!)


This is a lively interactive & established session, which often invites us to reach a deeper level of consciousness and enrich our lives with a full-bodied holistic spiritual practice.

Everyone is welcome, but there are limited spaces.

This is ideally a course that you commit to. Many attendees have been coming for several years.

There are breaks for the holidays, which Katie takes into account when organising the content of sessions.

From January ’23 the cost of sessions will be £10 per session. Or with a 10% discount for 6+ sessions advance booking.



Thursday and Fridays Sun Salutations-

Sun salutations or Surya Namascara is a sequence of poses and their transitions.

Being guided by your breath, your stamina, strength and fitness will build over a short period of time. This is a great practice to take home as is short, sweet and safe, and manageable practice no matter how much time you allocate to your own practice.

Because it is a repeated sequence, you can see your own progression over time, & build rapport with the others in the sessions.

This is a sacred practice of revering the Sun itself, and how we wouldn’t be here without it, so also a great Sadhana for those who wish to pursue this path, & a dose of humbleness for everyone.

Birdwood House 9-9.30


Hancock’s “Well-being” half hour. Thursday mornings

This session is a natural lead on from Sun salutations, although It is an optional add-on so those with only half an hour to spare can just stick to the dynamic physical session.

Katie is offering a guided well-being session with a focus on the breath.

 A Yoga teacher for over 10 years. 500hr Devon School of Yoga Teacher training course. Also trained in Buddhist meditation as well as continued professional development in Yoga Therapy, Active Somatics. & Yoga Nidra. 

She has interests in Tibetan Yoga, Pranayama Breath-works, Martial arts, Reiki, Ceremony, Yoga Nidra, & meditation.

This class is aimed at beginners though all are welcome.

Katie is giving her time for free and a sponsor is meeting the costs of the venue.

Attendance is donation based with a suggested contribution of £4-5 to costs. If this brings a concern to making ends meet don’t let this put you off.

Joining our community is of more value than your money.

This class came as a response to a realisation that the world can be tough – particularly after massively challenging times.

We know that 30 minutes a week to focus on your well-being makes a difference to the rest of your life. Our experience is that it can make a big difference, and in some cases lead to changes in behaviours that enable a shift in your quality of life.

The themes and suggestions brought up in these sessions are intended to bring you to a sense of “wellness”…

The penny drops

The lightbulb moments






This session is tailored to those who attend.

All are welcome.

At Birdwood House Thursdays 9.30am

What can you expect from Katie’s sessions?

I have a holistic approach to yoga, having had many guides and teachers myself.

I have been given access to a wide variety of yoga practices, meditation and relaxation techniques, and active somatic methods to bring a sense of wholeness to a session.

Inspired by Hatha yoga, Scaravelli yoga, Iyengar yoga as well as many other practitioners who influence my own study and practice. I have created sessions that meet the mood of the class, the weather, the season, what is needed at that time! And many other adaptations that may be of use to the attendees at that time and place.

Yoga philosophy is important to me and I offer history and tradition in my sessions as a way to bring depth and vision to the attendees. My work lends itself to 1-1 sessions which I also offer and has the benefit of being specific and focussed to individual’s needs and requests.

Number of classes

From January 2023 I will be running 4 sessions weekly. plus day retreats, and towards the other end of the year, longer weekend retreats, yoga holidays and residentials.

Course length

I teach regular classes in term times and most attendees book the half-term in advance. I also offer occasional weekend retreats or days of yoga.


Drop-ins are welcome to sun salutations and Hancocks “Wellbeing” half-hour. & on request to the Hatha class on Fridays.

Hatha Yoga sessions are termly unless you contact me to make arrangements.

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