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This platform is here to let you know about retreats coming up so you find out a bit more about what we're offering outside of regular classes, and you can book yourself in!





January 19th - 21st 2024

Katie Hancock, Pippa Griffin

Yoga & walking residential retreat on Dartmoor

June 28th 1014 - July 2nd 2024

Jade Franklin

yoga retreat in Menorca

October 25th 2024  

Katie Hancock

Simply yoga retreat- Autumn '24

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Walking and Yoga weekend retreat


To stop

To retreat is to give you space and time from your regular home life. To pause the need to be "on it". This space and time gives you a chance to stop. To let the waters settle, and to re-evaluate where you are in your life.

Update yourself

This time also gives you an opportunity to check in with perhaps outmoded ideas and behaviours which have held you in good stead but may need updating.

A bit like a re-boot. Have you kept up with your life? or are you in 10 years ago?

Be amongst others

The other people on the retreat are doing the same re-evaluating processes as you. We are encouraging that. It is the perfect time not just to spa your way through life, or to work yourself into the ground. Wherever you are on the scale of "doing", you can see around you that those who have chosen to take themselves off to the middle of no-where to wipe the slate clean for a while, rest assured, you are not alone.


I read a book by an explorer, "Walking" by Erling Kagge about 6 years ago and it totally changed my perception of how to travel, and how to walk. It lead to studying Somatics and how the brain and body work together for the silent harmony that exists all the time. It is poetry to be absorbed in the simple act of walking. Whether there is a destination in mind or not, your intentions will come into this, whether it be meditative, or stomping and raging, it is also simply a fantastic outlet.


Our little corner of Dartmoor will give us ample choice and chance to find places that touch us in ways that only Dartmoor can. The geography is unique and effortlessly rugged and wild. Despite the modern roads the nature here has a way of almost laughing at our attempts to tame her.

Bala Brook is on Dartmoor, and has therefore gained some gravitas as far as the Dartmoor historians are concerned. The centre touches lightly on this land with respect and reverence, just as we intend to. The Dartmoor way is to "Not leave a trace" (Physically) but She will absorb whatever you give her and treat you to her delights, yes even in January.


This ancient art has enriched the lives of so many, so stands to reason that we would introduce this as a strong element in the retreat. With sessions for all levels, we will introduce you to our own particular styles of teaching so support and enhance your retreat experience.

It is truly a privilege to be able to offer this to you.


A perfect time at the depths of the quiet winter when all is tender and mulching, to be pondering your time on this planet. How many January's have you seen? And how do you envisage your future? Anchoring yourself in this Month in the present, can be a great gift to yourself to be ok with slowing down, to be ok with the past and the future in equal measures, to be present.

Sliding scale & our financially wobbly times

We have developed several versions of money saving ideas for those considering coming along to the retreat. This is in order to encourage you, even if those bills are crazy high. To let you know that we want to support you, and that some of you will be open to supporting others by choosing the higher scale on the slide.

A sliding scale & How to apply discounts.

The booking platform above shows 3 prices, choose one for your retreat.

If you choose the higher, you will be opening the door to those with a lower income to have a reduced rate. Your generosity will be undisclosed so you can enjoy the private sadana of dana. (generosity without the intention of reaping reward)

If you choose the lower price, you have been given an opportunity to feel into the guilt- free gift of others' generosity.


Below are the codes to apply once you have selected the sliding scale amount you wish to start with. If you fall into more than one category YEY! get in touch and we will make this happen for you.

The discounts below are in respect to paying the full amount, as opposed to a deposit, unless otherwise arranged by Katie or Pippa.

Our offerings are:

-Staggered payments, please get in touch if you think this will work best for you.

-Gift voucher (you receive 10% off your gift)This applies through till mid-January.


-Bring a friend (You receive 10% off your retreat) This applies through till mid-January:


-Early Bird -Use the code before December 1st To receive our most generous discount:


-Limited Bursaries available on request, please get in touch directly for details.



We hope that our offerings lend themselves to you as we have thought long and hard about how to help you not just financially, but in the depths of winter which can be a very challenging time.

Much love

Katie & Pippa