Unburdened innocence, contradictions, Actions, Karma Yoga


"Whoever stills the body as if seated in meditation, but mentally continues to think about sense objects, is deluded and a hypocrite"
Baghavad Gita -The living Gita. Sri Swami Satchidananda.

This quote feels like a proper slap from a Zen master to me. A dose of reality. one can "act as if" till you're blue in the face but it will not gain you credit.
However this does contradict some facets on meditation which give gravitas to how the thought process itself, if it is witnessed, becomes a subject for contemplation therefore a meditation in itself.

His commentary goes on to explain in more modern terms-

"Many times we think "I am fasting, Im not going to eat anything today. But what about tomorrow morning, what shall I eat then?" Physically we may be not eating, but mentally we are. An action is evaluated by its motive, not by the action itself."
The Living Gita Ch3, sL6 Karma Yoga;The yoga of action.

I honestly feel this speaks for itself, so there is little I can add, only to say that this is the living yoga that comes off the mat, the yoga you carry with you in your thoughts and actions. Every word you say and hear has strength, every action has an effect, like ripples on the surface of still water, can be beautiful, can be a mess, and anything in between.

I urge you to investigate for yourself what your actions, your meditations, your contemplations mean for you and the ripples you send out.





Unburdened innocence, a mental state we will have experienced at some stage in our lives, something that lives within us, as we carry our history so readily.
Yes we may carry also our burdens, our traumas, but our innocence, our purity, our "unfilled cup" also stays with us, resting quietly in the background of our everyday lives.

I was looking at photos of my family from when I was little, and saw this unburdened innocence in myself, I feel it has had a great effect on my practice to remember that part of myself that remains just so.


The big news with us is the changes in the background, the email attached to this account is now Katie@katiesyogacollective.co.uk, and the website which is starting to come to life, is now www.katiesyogacollective.co.uk
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This in response to your feedback and input from creative people in background, also with an eye to keeping the collective growing, not just for those searching for inspiration for their yoga life, but also practitioners in the local area to keep in touch.

This week with Katie;
In the Yin sessions we will be delving a bit more deeply into different kinds of meditation.

In Hatha yoga we will delve further into Karma yoga; the yoga of action.

Instructions on how to get to St Marys church hall;

Behind the bell tower of St Marys, half way up the high st.
Up the stairs, turn right, turn left under and between the houses, if you've gone past the cat steps ( up to a window cat flap) you've gone too far... right to the end of the passage to a green door, we're in there.

Here is the latest Spotify playlist I have been plucking some of the sounds from in the Yin sessions;
Yin sounds


Im looking forward to seeing some of you this week, try to book online if you can, especially for FRIDAY!


Yoga Collective News;

-Chloe Gibb is running a mantra zoom session on Monday evenings, please email her directly if you'd like to join in.
Chloe also runs retreats, so again this may be of interest to some of you, please get in touch if you'd like some details.

-I am looking at dates early November to run a day retreat, based on the change of the season, lots of Yin practice, focusing on flexibility, calmness and release of stress. With singing bowl magic and taking requests on yoga asanas to de-mystify!
Please get in touch if you're interested.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Om Shanti

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