What do you think you know?

"How was your summer?" I asked
"Umm, well, not the easiest, you?" She said, relieved to be deflecting I think.
"Not easy" Said I.

I look around me, and see so many people who have struggled through this last summer, lots of personal challenges, I think it is amazing that the collective consciousness can run this deep to take at least most of us to a place where challenge lies, testing us.
The interesting thing about these obstacles is the way we respond, ( or react ) which of course is where our work is.

Last week's session was the beginning of a new era for me, back to St Marys church hall for the Friday sessions, seeing so many familiar faces, and using the space fully for our asana practices, and spreading out, windows wide open...

The proverb I mentioned was this one;

If a person knows that he knows not, ignore him.
If he knows that he knows not, go teach him.
If he knows that he knows, learn from him.

An interesting little riddle, which comes full circle, and leads me to question what I know!
I can't help but think of Dr Tomas Hana, Somatics pioneer, and student of Moche Feldenkreis;

"Let go of what you might look like, and feel the gift of the poses."

" This basic oneness is whats real, For example, let's take water and say it is reality.
Steam is one expression of it and Ice is another.
But in water, steam and Ice, you see the same essence, nothing but H2O...
Even though we see changes and work with them, we can always remember that theres something permanent behind them all."
Commentary to The Living Gita, Sri Swami Satchidananda.

The first couple of weeks has been so great, getting back into a rhythm, finding a bit more fitness, seeing how we all are after a long break.
I have been so happy to start up the Yin sessions on Tuesday evenings, and even though they are not as dynamic as the other sessions, they are meditative and intense at the same time, and I have noticed how similar these session are to my own practice at home. I am delighted to share that with you.
Speaking of which this is the spotify playlist I have been plucking some of the sounds from;
Background Yoga

Im looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow, with a continuation of our theme from the Baghavad Gita;
"Is there room in your cup?" Swami Satchidananda

Om Shanti

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