Blow your mind-fulness?

"Our present day scientists acknowledge the fact that man is only utilising one-tenth of their total brain power. If you consider all that man has accomplished in the fields of science and technology, etc., utilising only one small compartment of the brain you may gain some idea if how much might be possible with the development of the nine silent centres of the brain. As the mind expands, it increases in power and all physical barriers are transcended." H-Y-Pradipika p33

Whats this got to do with yoga? you might ask...
Well often when one practices Yoga for a significant period of time, there is a certain mindfulness that subtly finds its way in to ones life.

"Mindfulness" a big buzz word, is at the root of Yoga. Consciousness is a state of mind where mindfulness is possible, and yet we only practice it habitually for very little time.

Walking allows us an opportunity to observe our surroundings and take in things that you would most likely miss if travelling by other means, but to walk everywhere might initiate a big life change...
Besides theres a difference between "walking" and "mindful walking". something we will be trying out!

Mindfulness is just one key that could open up silent areas of the brain. Some of the others may seem a bit wacky for our western ears, but reading between the lines these practices are great as a tool for the path of the Yogi, but not the end of the journey by any means.

"..because they have purified and perfected the functioning of their physical and pranic bodies through mastery of Hatha yoga, and has transcended the normal limitations of mind by traversing the path of Raja Yoga."

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