Salutations? & Mudras

Before we get stuck in, as promised here are the mudras we've had a go at on Fridays;


Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Purusha, Brahman, Prana, Qi are all names given to the energy of supreme consciousness.

In my attempt to de-mystify the quite complicated historical Yoga texts and bring you a more gentle bite-sized version, I feel it helps to stick to one name so "Lord Shiva" is the name we'll stick to as it appears in the Pradipika.

The quote which sang form the pages (Hatha Yoga Pradipika= HYP) this time made me smile. We have been running the Sun salutations sessions for many years now, and placing these Vinyasa sequences in our practice sessions. I love to find a different slant on a well established practice that has a good grounding already..

"How shall I salute the formless being, indivisible, auspicious and immutable, who fills all this with His Self and also fills the Self with His Self? Shiva, the Absolute, is ever without white and other colours. This effect and cause are also the supreme Shiva. I am this the pure Shiva devoid of all doubt. O Beloved friend, how shall I bow to my own Self in my Self?" Dattatreya. Avadhoota Gita- (Vedantic text.)
HYP p24.

So what are we saluting? The Sun outside our bodies sustains our lives, but there is also the reflective element of the sun which resides within our Selves.

Our heat our energy outward actions and linking of ourselves to the world around us,
how we project our inner lives out are ways of thinking of this "inner fire"
When we salute, we are paying homage to a mighty power so that we might remember gratitude and humbleness and the unseparated spirit which lives in everything.

"The spiritual aspirant remembers his humble position in relation to the mighty cosmic force." HYP


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