Happy New year!

Happy New Year!
This is a great if not baffling time to be alive in, and it's great that we have this reminder (New Years) to asses where we are in the scheme of things, how we move forward, how we take whats best from our past, and move right on...

Some bits of wisdom;

"Happiness is not a matter of events, but the tides of the mind." The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin

"See yourself as the author of your life, and providence will move with you." Goethe

"Aim for the stars and hit the moon." Norman Vincent Peale

But... It is unrealistic to imagine that a book, or a meaningful quote will keep us happy for very long, although can give you a warm sense of rightness. However this is why a steady (spiritual) practice works, because it stimulates and reinforces your original motivation to try to take care of yourself.
Our physical bodies change, whether we like it or not, and every phenomenal thing changes too. So are we deluded to think that the cycles of life aren't changing? The past 2 years have been a quickening of this aspect of time, things have changed so rapidly and unpredictably that a lot of us have been spinning like some crazed cartoon character ever since.

So whats going on? Resolutions?
New year is just another day, yes, but it is also the ending and the beginning of a period of time therefore is a chance to stop and see what serves us, and what doesn't, and the only thing that will tell you that is yourself.
Trust the "gut", listen to instincts, and you will make changes that are sustainable, because they are coming from somewhere deeper than your everyday human desires.
You may have a dry January, or try vegan for a bit, you may sell the dusty things in your wardrobe, you may resolve to go running everyday... great! but don't give yourself an excuse to beat yourself up if the resolution doesn't stay with you, if it rains, or if ebay is just too confusing.
You are the author of your life so whatever that means to you gets to be your own personal blurb, make it a best seller!
In Yoga terms this "blurb" idea is your mantra, the thing you tell yourself to motivate yourself, to give you a freshness to your day, or even lift you when you're in a dark place.

2021 has passed, and with it all those ideas, all those billions of thoughts you have had, all those moments of bliss you are trying to remember, all those dark times when inspiration is lost to you. you are amazing with all your highs and lows.

What is your mantra?



A little bit of housekeeping;

This week with Katie;
A change of Venue;
Yin with Katie recommences on January 11th at Birdwood house upstairs back room.
I'm asking you please to commit to the half term so we can move thought a progressive course of movements. This is up on the booking system now!

Hatha Yoga Fridays;
Is on this week! We'll start gently so its not too much of a shock tot he system, but definitely in earnest to get stretchy strong and flexible.

We'll be starting a Sun salutations session before the Friday class in Birdwood house, starting 9-9.30 -First session January Friday 7th.
(As well as Monday and Thursday's at Chapel house studios)

For those of you that don't know this style, it is the warm up sequence of movements traditionally for Ashtanga yoga, but is not as scary as it sounds.
We move through different variations of the sequence from different lineages, and although it is a yang practice, we bring in yin gentleness to balance out energy, and bring a vibrancy to your step without getting too crazy.

Try to book online if you can, especially for FRIDAY! I'll be asking as many of you as possible to book the half term as interest is perking up for new year!

If you ever need me;
katieyogatotnes@gmail.com and the website which is  www.katiesyogacollective.co.uk

Looking forward to seeing you.

Om Shanti


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