Playful & calm.

Being playful doesn't mean we don't take some things seriously. It implies that the world doesn't revolve around our choices, our burdens, and our history.
It perhaps takes us to a deeper understanding of what "taking it seriously" really means to us, and its importance (or lack of) in our lives.
Im reminded of that saying;

Easy decisions, hard life,
Hard decisions, easy life.

Heres another view from a great book, Humankind, by Rutger Bregman

"I'd been eager to meet Jos de Blok for some time...This is a guy who's build a hugely successful organisation employing over 14000 people. Who's been voted Employer of the year in the Netherlands five times."

Bregman is looking through archives of interviews, this one stands out;

Interviewer: Is there anything you do to motivate your staff? Steve Jobs reportedly asked himself in the mirror each morning: What would I do if this were my last day?
Jos: I read his book too, and I don't believe a word of it.

Interviewer: Do you ever attend networking sessions?
Jos:At most of those things, nothing happens aside from everybody reaffirming everybody else's opinions. Thats not for me.

Interviewer:How do you motivate your employees?
Jos: I don't. Seems patronising.

Interviewer:Whats your speck on the horizon, Jos-that distant goal that inspires you and your team>
Jos: I don't have distant goals. Not all that inspired by specks."

Personally I love to see how others reshape the way society runs itself. There are so many ways of seeing, and a difficult decision as de Blok has done to go against the flow can be liberating and highlight one's creativity and uniqueness at the same time as respecting the intelligence and instincts of your fellow humans.

How does this relate to yoga?

Make it your own! check this out;

Ashley De Leon

She has loads of amazing posts, and her comments make them so lovely. knowing that this is one of many takes, and the magic happens...

...and by the way;


Oh and by the way....

A little bit of housekeeping;

This week with Katie;

Yin with Katie recommences on January 11th at Birdwood house upstairs back room.
I'm asking you please to commit to the half term so we can move thought a progressive course of movements. This is up on the booking system now!

Hatha Yoga Fridays;
Is on this week! bring your cosy warm things for Nidra to this Fridays session.

Next term we'll be starting a Sun salutations session before the Friday class in Birdwood house, starting at 9-9.30 -First session January Friday 7th.( As well as Monday and Thursday's at Chapel house studios)

For those of you that don't know this style, it is the warm up sequence of movements traditionally for Ashtanga yoga, but is not as scary as it sounds.
We move through different variations of the sequence from different lineages, and although it is a yang practice, we bring in yin gentleness to balance out energy, and bring a vibrancy to your step.

Other news;

-Joy and Katie retreat planned for the end of November next year, I will put booking details up on the website as soon as we've figured out the details. feel free to let me know if you're interested.

Here is the updated Spotify playlist I have been using in the Yin sessions:
Yin sounds
Background yoga

Particlularly loving the Nils Frahm tunes, and thanks for your recommendations, we'll be moving into Brian Eno's realm of sound this week!

Try to book online if you can, especially for FRIDAY! I'll be asking as many of you as possible to book the half term as interest is perking up for new year!

If you ever need me;
email; and the website which is

Looking forward to seeing you.

Om Shanti

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