Calm in the chaos.

Here we are in December with all its noise lights and chaos.
We have the mental strength and Will to be present with the tool of mindfulness at our fingertips.

I read most of this article (I'm getting good at skim reading since Brexit. ) and there was something about it that felt really poingnant, the part where she talks bout her practice, of feeling feelings not denying their existence or "pushing" feelings away, or any of that denial that can build to a pretty toxic place to live.

It might feel difficult to concentrate on "normal" stuff things when feelings are high, her theory is to stop... and feel it all, warts and all. then the demon is no longer a demon.

It is often thought that coming into a yoga class, you can leave your normal life at the door and enter a peaceful space where you can indulge in movement and float in the feeling of wellbeing.. well, that might happen...

... but the likelihood is that as the mind is a difficult thing to tame, you might just have to bring it with you.
This means allowing your difficult stuff to be present so you can find out where your body "holds" this stuff, what do I mean? ... well, what muscles brace when you think of that thing you don't want to think of.. where is your breath? This is where we're going this week...

Oh and by the way....

A little bit of housekeeping;

This week with Katie;

Yin with Katie recommences on January 11th at Birdwood house upstairs back room.
I'm asking you please to commit to the half term so we can move thought a progressive course of movements. This will be up on the booking system by tomorrow morning if I can figure out how to do that.

Hatha Yoga Fridays;
Because of the vague message from the prime minister, I am not ruling out next Friday's session, however it is not certain the manager of Birdwood would agree, so we'll be having possibly 2 end of term sessions, so bring your cosy warm things for Nidra to this Fridays session too!
I will let you know about next week when Ive had a chat with Anthea.

Next term we'll be starting a Sun salutations session before the Friday class in Birdwood house, starting at 9-9.30 -First session January Friday 7th.
For those of you that don't know this style, it is the warm up sequence of movements traditionally for Ashtanga yoga, but is not as scary as it sounds.
We move through different variations of the sequence from different lineages, and although it is a yang practice, we bring in yin gentleness to balance out energy, and bring a vibrancy to your step.

Other news;

-Joy and Katie retreat planned for the end of November next year, I will put booking details up on the website as soon as we've figured out the details. feel free to let me know if you're interested.

-Alix is still running Thursday morning gentle classes if you're looking for something central, Chapel house studios, 9.45-11am

-Pippa is booking Bowden for a day retreat in February, so watch this space, or check website for updates.

-I found a lovely flier for Stephanie Bailly's kundalini classes up at Bowden house if you fancy an experience!

-We'll be introducing a few more practitioners in the new year, including a trapeze yoga instructor.

Here is the updated Spotify playlist I have been using in the Yin sessions;
Yin sounds
Background yoga

Try to book online if you can, especially for FRIDAY! I'll be asking as many of you as possible to book the half term as interest is perking up for new year!

If you ever need me;
email;, and the website which is

Looking forward to seeing you.

Om Shanti


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