Permission, intention and time.

Having started Yin Somatics and Meditation classes ( all one session) in September I have noticed that saying the words "permission to change, permission to stop" seem to initiate a sense of freedom within the session.
Permission doesn't come from me, or any of your teachers, it comes from you, and it's not about standing out to be different, but being aware of what your body and mind are telling you at any given moment, and responding accordingly.

Im introducing this concept with words, but it has been there all along, It is your Intuition, Intention and Will that support you more than anything else. You got yourself to the session so you are already showing yourself that you are strong.

Time is such a weird thing. I was told a mind bending story about a group of people living on an Island somewhere in the Canaries, they saw their past as before them as something that can be seen something they can learn from, and their future as behind them as something unseen and unpredictable. A bit like sitting on the back of a pickup truck with your legs dangling off the back, being driven through the present tense, seeing the past as it unfolds, and the future a bit of a mystery.

I love to think of this perspective of time as a different way of seeing, a clue as to the availability of our time as humans on this precious planet.

We have time.
Yes it passes and is a great show, but as with any asana on your mat, do you want to linger long? it may strain a muscle, or is it actually time to stop and stay there? to allow a deeper stretch. Letting time help you to read your body, and therefore your mind can give time the space to help you.

This is a little interview with a phenomenal Ashtanga instructor Joey Miles, who is being asked (by another amazing teacher) his top 10 tips, if you're up for a few suggestions have a gander at this;

Joey Miles Top 10 tips

Unusually I agree with all of his tips, and tip my cap to him. He's really thought about this.

My favourite is the last; Taking your Shavasana seriously! give yourself plenty of time to rest, this is your time to re-wire, to integrate and to not be knackered later!

In case you hadn't noticed my website and email have changed, although I'm still available on, the latest change is in response to your feedback which I find really helpful and informative, so thank you very much.

email;, and the website which is starting to come to life, is now

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This week with Katie;
Last week's yin was centred around Shiva-Prana, Shakti-Prana, and the challenge to integrate these concepts. we will be heading back to the same subject with timely space to concentrate and relax with some twisty poses and breath awareness.

In Hatha yoga we will look into how not to take the mind too seriously within the context of meditation, movement and controlling the mind.

Here is the updated Spotify playlist I have been using in the Yin sessions;
Yin sounds
Background yoga

Try to book online if you can, especially for FRIDAY!


Looking forward to seeing you.

Om Shanti

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