Guilt free rest…

Calm : Excited
Earth : Heaven
Downward : Upward
Still : Moving
Cold : Hot
Dark : Light
Hidden : Exposed
Yin : Yang
Last week we were looking into a few different elements of movement, why does Zumba make me feel so energetic? What happens when I've had a slower session and I'm tired afterwards?
It's wonderful, your complex nervous systems are responding to what you've been doing, whats left in the "tank" and what you're planning next. You can create energy through certain movements, you can change the way you feel by moving certain ways...

Guilt free rest

Try this;
Stand up & lengthen your spine, shoulders rolled back, palms forward, belly soft and an outward curl to your lower back, legs a little apart, full upward breath. Feels good right?

Now try this;
Standing upward, on an exhale let your shoulders droop forward, palms back, still looking forward, but your tummy engages a bit, your tailbone curls under, your entire muscular structure is reversed.
Not so good, right?

Play with these extremes and make them less exaggerated till you find yourself in a central neutral balanced position, and ask yourself how it feels...
We are in a time where our balance can be taken off that equilibrium usually by external stimuli fairly easily, and our bodies will feel it.

Guilt free rest

But not only this physical shift, your inner world (mind) can affect your outer world (body) and the simplest way to find strength there is through affirmations, intentions, focus, your Sankalpah.

This could be an image

a word

A feeling

a sentence

It is personal to you and has immense power for you if you choose to take it on as your Sadhana, or mantram.
Repeating it has a huge affect on your psyche and therefore will affect your body.

Heres a beauty I was fortunate enough to have a client share with me;
Guilt free rest

Look familiar? I wonder if it will find its way into your day today...

Guilt free rest

Equinox is upon us! a great time to reflect on what works, what doesn't, and make some adjustments if needed.
Im reminded of the Baghavad Gita for its timeless qualities, and serves as a profound reminder that although the physical world is always in flux, our inner Self is the unchanging invulnerable reliable force of nature that keeps us alive.
Also a great reminder that we can read till our eyes are sore, but until we put the theory into practice we will never nourish our lives fully.I will go into this a bit more deeply this week, but it is worth a little pause and consideration to stop and think about what nourishes you, what doesn't and what to do about that balance.

Instructions on how to get to St Marys church hall;

Behind the bell tower of St Marys, half way up the high st.
Up the stairs, turn right, turn left under and between the houses, if you've gone past the cat steps you've gone too far... right to the end of the passage to a green door, we're in there.

Here is the spotify playlist I have been plucking some of the sounds from in the Yin sessions;
Background Yoga

Im looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow, try to book online if you can, but no pressure.

Om Shanti

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