The Fruits Of Your Actions…

It is not often that I lean on Buddhist references for inspiration during a season dedicated to another book, but this one really seems appropriate at the moment, with all the busy-ness going on around us.
"With deeds of loving kindness I purify my body.
With open handed generosity I purify my body.
With stillness, simplicity, and contentment, I purify my body.
With truthful communication I purify my speech.
With mindfulness clear and radiant, I purify my mind

The five positive precepts of western Buddhist order Triratna.

Our Hatha session last week had the lingering taste of playfulness which with some challenging asanas helped to lighten the mood. With the Baghavad Gita's magical words in the background of our practice it helps to have backup from historical references;

"Whoever does things without personal desire for the results is called wise by the sages....he has let go attachments to the fruits of his actions, he is ever content...... is completely pure despite the actions of his body and mind (which move according to the forces of nature).... has gone beyond the pairs of opposites (loss, gain, pleasure pain etc) and maintains his equanimity in success and failure."

Extracts from Slokas 19-22 chapter 4 Living Gita.

I love the part where it says "the actions of the body and mind move according to the forces of nature", this really strikes a chord with me as in session you are moving with the requests of your body, being receptive and observant of the body you inhabit, not forcing an unnatural movement or pushing to be a particular shape...

....and retain that innate sense of humour and perspective.

The big news with us is the changes in the background, the email attached to this account is now, and the website which is starting to come to life, is now
Which is where the magnapass booking system will be embedded.

This in response to your feedback and input from creative people in background also with an eye to keeping the collective growing not just for those searching for inspiration for their yoga life, but also practitioners in the local area to keep in touch.

This week with Katie;
In the Yin sessions we will be looking at balance, equanimity and Upeksha Bhavana as a practice with breath.

In Hatha yoga we will look into how the senses, intellect and body work with each other as strengths with Karma yoga.

Also a Yoga Nidra to end our half term, so bring your cosy things too!

Needless to say next week is a break for half term, back Friday 5th November.

-Instructions on how to get to St Marys church hall;

Behind the bell tower of St Marys, half way up the high st.
Up the stairs, turn right, turn left under and between the houses, if you've gone past the cat steps ( up to a window cat flap) you've gone too far... right to the end of the passage to a green door, we're in there.

Here is the latest Spotify playlist I have been plucking some of the sounds from in the Yin sessions;
Yin sounds
This weeks tracks were these;
Mental Hypnosis
Just relax now
Sound therapy
Minecraft (which is on Background yoga playlist)

Try to book online if you can, especially for FRIDAY!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Om Shanti

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