No Snowflakes Are Exactly The Same

Hello Autumn, and all your gifts and challenges. its amazing how so many people Im coming across has a tale to tell, how life is throwing out a few obstacles to navigate. And yet here you are, facing your demons, not taking it personally, doing your best, being impeccable with your word, (ref;Don Miguel Ruiz) so many things to congratulate yourself on. Good.


"No snowflakes are exactly the same.... science tells us there is no duplication in creation,"
Living Gita, Sri Swami Satchidananda.

This tells us in so many words that all of our comparisons and self judgements are baseless and deceptive. Yes we are all given the same functions more or less, and life's journey will give us scars of all sorts which tell their stories through how we move, how we are in our bodies, in our minds and how we move through time.

What a wonderful realisation, that your yoga practice is more than what you think you used to be able to do, it's what you can do, what you will bring intention to, and your actions meeting your words.

"Walking your talk" isn't easy, and finding the "middle way" (reference from Mahayana Buddhism) is a balancing act for anyone who wishes to find that equilibrium, to try even if you fail is the best way to learn about yourself.

"It is better to do your Dharma (calling/truth) imperfectly, than someone else's perfectly."
BG Karma yoga SL35.


"Mindfulness is the clear and single minded awareness of what actually happens to us and inus at the successive moments of perception"
Nyanaponika Thera

If you find yourself in insight meditation, (Vipasāna or Puñña) register what you observe and...
"If any further comment judgement or reflection arises in the meditator's mind, these are themselves made the focus of bare attention. They are neither repudiated nor pursued but simply dismissed after being noted.
The Meditative Mind. D.Goleman
This week with Katie;
In the Yin sessions we will be delving a bit more deeply into kinds of mindfulness, their role in meditation, and the beginning of insight.

In Hatha yoga we will delve further into Karma yoga; the yoga of action.

Instructions on how to get to St Marys church hall;

Behind the bell tower of St Marys, half way up the high st.
Up the stairs, turn right, turn left under and between the houses, if you've gone past the cat steps ( up to a window cat flap) you've gone too far... right to the end of the passage to a green door, we're in there.

Here is the spotify playlist I have been plucking some of the sounds from in the Yin sessions;
Background Yoga

Im looking forward to seeing some of you this week, try to book online if you can, especially for FRIDAY!

Yoga Collective News;

-Alix, has a space on her Thursday morning gentle "Gold" yoga class if you'd like to try it out, at Chapel house studios Totnes

-Chloe Gibb is running a mantra zoom session on Monday evenings, please email her directly if you'd like to join in.

-Joy has returned from her hols and back in the beautiful Bowden house Angel Hall, have a look at the timetable;
If you know anyone looking for pregnancy yoga sessions she comes highly recommended.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Om Shanti

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