Ashtanga Yoga

Natalie Taylor

Being a teacher for me is asking myself how I can be of service to individuals, the community and the world we live in. I start by being positive, knowing that now Moveforward wellness studio is open that I will work hard to make sure I see what is happening in front of me and cater to the needs of people who come into the studio first and make a really good impact.

Katie Hancock

Katie Hancock

The kind of Yoga I regularly guide is one that not only focuses on connection to your physical body, but can also help you to release the deeper aspects of your mind and body.

My four group sessions have a different focus and include elements of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Somatics, Meditation.

Pippa Griffin Image

Pippa Griffin

Arriving with a deep gratitude for the invitation to be part of Katies Yoga Collective and to teach alongside some of Devon’s
most inspiring practitioners.
Helping people to feel at home in their own incredible and unique bodies and connect to our natural environment are certainly two of my greatest passions in life and I feel a great joy to be offered the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and experiences in this work.

image of James Russel in a Yoga pose

James Russell

It is a pleasure to be involved with this collaboration and touch base with many teachers I know. Bringing us together is inspired and a great way to move forward through recent events.
The importance of different yoga practices are becoming more visible to the general public and I am keen to share my enthusiasm for the Kriyas.