Yoga private life.

Have you ever had a moment at home or out with friends where you "show off" an Asana? there might be a great pose you have just recently tried out & are keen to tell a friend, but when you try to demonstrate it you fall on your face. Or
perhaps you've had a couple of drinks and, given that extra bit of Dutch courage, tried something like a headstand and stumbled, this so often ends up in bruises and hopefully laughter...

It is a great reminder of how your Hatha yoga practice is best practiced...

Remember, if there is resistance there's usually a reason for that...

Where it comes from..

"In the Shiva Samhita *it says that the practitioner should always keep his/her practice secret, "just as a virtuous wife keeps her intimate relations between herself and her husband quiet". This develops the love between husband and wife. Similarly if you have any respect for your own beloved, the pure Atma**, whatever experience and power you are bestowed with is your own affair and has to be cultivated privately.

* Shiva Samhita is one of the three remaining texts specifically for Hatha Yoga, a kind of "brother" to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
**Atma; आत्मन्) is a Sanskrit word that refers to the (universal) Self or self-existent essence of human beings, as distinct from ego (Ahamkara), mind (Citta) and embodied existence (Prakṛti).

Experience is helpful;

Believe me when I say have a traumatic memory of a bad headstand moment myself which always makes me cringe and roll my eyes!
Picture me on a silent two week yoga retreat with some serious Buddhists in deepest darkest Wales. I decided to have an off piste moment of yoga and went into a headstand when the group was gathered preparing for meditation - which I failed at miserably. I toppled into a stack of chairs which in turn toppled. Not such a silent retreat any more - the lady next to me burst into laughter which set me off. And we laughed. And we even broke our silence - she asked whether I was ok and I confessed to a seriously bruised ego. If I am ever tempted to show off I recall this moment and put the plan on hold. Most of the time anyway.

We are all learning how best to be in our bodies so be gentle with yourself and check your ego isn't driving your actions too often. This is the "higher mind" working with you for balance between individual and universal spirit, conscious and unconscious entering into "discussion" so to speak.

It's the last week before half term so next week we'll take a break, however other Yoga teachers carry on through so do explore!

I am thrilled at how the first half of this term gone and really feel the shadow of COVID lifting as we get further into 2022.

I have been getting really interesting feedback on classes and in response to various suggestions I am looking to put a bit more structure around them.
For example Hatha on Fridays and some of the Sun Salutes Sessions are getting busy... I am adjusting the booking platform for these so that you book a block of sessions and then I can get the technical wizards to make available drop ins according to availability.

I don't want to put people off by adversely affect cashflows that I appreciate are under pressure. If this is challenge please let me know - it is more important to me to have you there than have you out of pocket. If you let me know I can get the same technical wizards to issue a code that ensures we can do it your way.

Here is a reminder of the link to book online  Incidentally the booking system is uploading for the next half term, please bare with me whilst this configures itself. It should be ready to book by Saturday. I have been advised to level off prices ( so it's easier for me to remember) so you may notice a little difference in cost.

Behind the scenes;

This week with Katie;

Hatha Yoga Friday;
-The Hatha Yoga Pradipika takes us further into the spiritual realm of Yoga, with Mudras and Yoga Nidra this week..bring a rug!

-Here's the updated Spotify playlist.
And for those who are interested, a few different kinds of chanting from around the world.

-Try to book online if you can, especially for Hatha yoga on Fridays.

The Collective;

- Joy's classes are up on the Bowden house website. Look out for her monthly Yin session!

-Adam is pausing "Time to breathe" on Mondays for a couple of weeks as he's on retreat till March.

If you ever need me or have feedback or amazing ideas;
email; or 
And check out past and present blogs on the website;

Looking forward to seeing you.

Om Shanti

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