Introducing Emma.

Emma Brett- Anusara yoga teacher in Totnes, Devon.


What is Anusara yoga?

Anusara is a method of yoga which is very heart centred. It encourages the practitioner to delight in their body with compassion, respect, and enthusiasm on and off the mat.

The history of Anusara, [translations;flowing with grace, listening to your heart, or following your bliss. In Anusara Yoga, the word is translated as “opening to grace, aligning with the divine”] is originally derived from tantric texts, but with a 20th century slant.

Developed originally by John Friend, (now on an extended sabbatical to re-align to dharmic principles after rather a hot scandal), the modern version of Anusara yoga was developed by a group of teachers in 2012 with a clear intention to remain heart centred and not to misinterpret Tantra yoga.



We catch a precious half hour in the rare summer sun and we tune in.

Emma is a natural connector, she is perceptive and a great body-language reader, she becomes part of the class and comes with you into the journey of your practice.

Whatever is going on for you, no matter if you are experienced or not, she has many little methods which bring people together, and help the members of the class reach out to each other and find that companionship in the most natural way possible.

This integrative style of teaching teases out the fact that we are all always learning, and on a subtle quest to uncover the “truth” we are all experiencing.



A powerfully instinctive and observant teacher, Emma is a very inspiring person who brings her yoga practices into her every breath.


Emma dived into the world yoga whilst in the dance world. She easily talks to me about Grace and Softness, two of the main pillars of Anusara yoga.

With experience of many styles of yoga during her training and the years since she describes her practice as not hard (as opposed to soft) or robotic, but inviting us to a place of serenity which this heart centred yet dynamic yoga practice can help to unshackle the body.

Her yoga is a far cry from the systems and pressures of dance, yet she brings the beauty and depth of her formal training into her yoga sessions:

Self love, stretching, precision, grace, taking it easy, moving naturally.


Optimal blueprint

Precision isn’t about making perfect shapes in our asana practice; it is a kindness and directing the attention towards the truth of the simplicity of who we are.

She is fantastically in tune with her sessions, so much so that it even surprises her how nourished she is by each session- She is clearly in the right place.



To take care, to protect and to serve. Emma has a particular skill set for detail and yet also quintessentially, simplicity.

Qualities which she has honed in for her one to one sessions (at the moment online) as well as her small group sessions in Totnes, at Move Forward studios and the wellness loft at Eversfield Organic.

She is clear that she prefers to have a more in-depth connection with her clients than to fill a stadium.



This quality of care and wellbeing is very inspiring and I think rare as the price of living is playing games with our wallets. Emma demonstrates her truth as a force bursting through the conventions of capitalism and run-of-the-mill yoga. Prepare to be well taken care of within your heart centred yoga session, with kindness and simplicity at the heart of each movement. This is an investment in health of the core of your “being”.


“To Soften down and open up to our innate divine wisdom, and to be present and to BE, is the truth” Emma.



KYC August 2023


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