Herding Kittens! 12 yoga teachers in the same place!

The Yoga Collective

As I'm sure you know, the collective was formed as a way to keep people in touch with each other in the unsettling times of the Covid-19 lockdowns, which has proven to have long standing effects on a lot of people far and wide.

The use of Zoom and google-meet meant that we were on our screens so, so much more than before, and this also had an effect (posture, breath, eyesight, lack of movement etc) on our body's and minds.

Zoom off
So Although we had a lot of you riveted for that first open day on Zoom, we acknowledge that although the Yoga was top quality, it still meant you were at your screen, which is why we haven't used this medium so much since.

In person... This time we've changed up a little. So if you've come before, you'll notice a few new teachers, both fresh faces to the area, and newly qualified teachers.

Remember that if you are unable to come for whatever reason, please feel free to get in touch about any of the teachers or their yoga paths if you are interested.

Natalie has emptied her timetable for us for the day so we can use Move Forward studio on the High Street as well as a spill over to Birdwood house in the market square.

The Yoga day
If You've booked a ticket, (YEY!) you will receive an email this week with more details.
If you would like to book a space but are not sure about the intensity you feel capable of, don't worry, we have heard your feedback from previous sessions and placed a few more breaks in between sessions in the afternoon, and the afternoon sessions are lets say much less dynamic! your cake will stay quite firmly in your belly from lunch. feel free to use this link if you've decided to book!

Check out the timetable in the link above and you can scroll down below the timetables to read what the teachers are offering on the day. Have a look & feel free to email me if you have any queries.

The teachers
We have been in touch with all of the teachers in the past few days who are all brimming over with enthusiasm for the collective and for the yoga day.
The resounding feeling is of getting together being such a novelty! yes its like herding kittens!
But also to be given a chance to send out the world about what they are most passionate about; Their particular kind of Yoga!
And there are so so many!

We wont bite!
I am aware that many people will be put off by a WHOLE day of Yoga, and yes it can be challenging, but I encourage you to consider that these teachers are not in the business of wearing you out, the secret to good yoga is to give you a sense of balance and wellness, not to wring you out and leave you in a puddle of exhaustion at the end of the day! On the contrary, the You that arrives will have shed a few leaves from their Autumnal selves by the end of the day, and perhaps feel lighter in mind and body and able to move into the next phase of the year with ease and grace.

Autumn equinox- Equi= equal nox=night

A time for balance.
Here's a super quote I found this morning:

"The wisdom of Autumn
At the autumn equinox there is a shift of emphasis from sun to moon, light to dark, action to contemplation, growth to dormancy, fruitfulness to composting, building up to letting go, and movement to stillness. Now is a good to to pause after the frenetic activity of the sowing season and consider how best to recuperate, regenerate, and replenish your energy this autumn."
Yoga through the year. Jilly Shiphay

I would put a link but the only online store is amazon(not a big fan). I was given this book, the giver bought it at Arcturus bookshop Fore street, Totnes. x

Ok thats enough from me.
Om Shanti

Ps: Just remember that even if you aren't able to make it on Saturday, you are a valued member of the yoga collective. Om Shanti

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