Our wonderful teachers: Katie


Ah, it's an interesting task being asked to talk about oneself, especially when the first things that pop up are my shortcomings.
Still I'll give it a go.

Ode to my awesome family
An idyllic childhood with an excellent family, of course led me to unconsciously seek out those who seemingly needed "fixing".( My sisters words not mine). But since those halcyon days plenty of trauma has battered the keel of my sturdy little boat, despite an apparently fearless nature, which I put down to determination which started at birth it seems, that fearlessness (and possibly lack of patience with others) took me round the world travelling alone in my 20's, and trying new persuits without the stress other people seem to accumulate.

A twitchy child
As a child I was always active and sort of twitchy, gymnastics helped to tame my need to move my body a little. Still as a young one, I has a cloud of discontent which told me there was more to life than what I was experiencing.
An amazing doctor taught me to meditate, although it wasn't till I started yoga teacher training 20 years or so later that I recognised the technique as close to yoga nidra as a child could take.

The blur of education gave me tools and terrors but nothing brought me alive more than selective movement, university was brightly coloured by day, working and dancing by night, I'm amazed I'm still alive.

When I was travelling I came across many weirdnesses, and some memorably sane moments, one of which was a cockney bloke with his girlfriend (in Northern Laos) who told me I should be a teacher, and why aren't I yet? I had no answer, just horror...( I'd not had many great teachers to be inspired by yet, other than Dr Shah my fierce chemistry teacher)
He also said as he looked at my hands that I had "healing hands". So, as a 20-something year old I was of course going to listen to him, but with a big pinch of salt. however it has never left me.

Back to Earth
Money (or lack of) brought me back to earth with a smack, & I joined the mortal world of work, and found martial arts, delicious movements! still do that loads.
This was also the beginning of regular yoga lessons from a friend, Clare, who one day convinced me to join her class. A Scaravelli- inspired teacher who showed me not to fear big feelings, but to move with them, and my self -asteem began to grow.
During this era, I studied "Soul Rescue" a branch of shamanism with strong healing links. This is the first time I led a yoga class, (I'm ashamed to say unqualified & uninsured, thanks for not sueing me folks) which went well, but the relaxation bit was definitely the highlight, something that carries on to now.

I studied Buddhism because I fancied someone in the FWBO,( now Triratna) and actually took on a lot of the buddhist principles in my own time. That relationship gave me 2 children, who are my constant teachers, no joke. They are teenagers now (yes go ahead and laugh).

So, since studying Yoga teacher training with the Devon School of Yoga and meeting some truly amazing people who have actually changed the direction of my life with their love and enthusiasm, I have become a much more wholesome person.
This might sound a bit odd, but I mean it.

Me, Myself and I
Generosity flows easily for me, always has, I find other peoples enjoyment of life really rewarding, so of course I'm going to try to help them find what makes them happy if they let me, it helps me too.
I have also another side to me which "walks alone" content in my own company, I am rarely lonely, but still enjoy interactions with other beings. (Rudyard Kipling; "The cat who walked by himself" was a favourite childhood story.)
These sides to me do not always work smoothly together, but we try & get along.

The Collective
The idea for the yoga collective was born through Lockdown, which brought us together in an odd way, through the screens in front of us.
The first Yoga Day in 2021 brought us together as teachers and all of us as constantly learning individuals. We had such a great laugh! And the collective continued and grew.

And comes together again on September 23rd

I am a teacher
So, a decade and a half of teaching regular yoga lessons tells me I am a teacher after all. And all those winter projects keeping me sane in the Great British chilly grey blanket of winter, have given me a very interesting set of tools to bring into my lessons:
Meditation, sailing, Karate, Tai Chi, EFT(emotional freedom technique), Active Somatics, Yoga Nidra, Reiki levels 1 & 2. (I might add parenting too- thats definitely a skill ) and of course my continued love of yoga.

I realise that writing about other teachers has allowed me to wade through the multi-dimensional lives of others and find the best bit of them, but also to evaluate my own progress and skills, and although I have tried to name other teacher's super powers, it is really hard to name my own.
But.. ok, getting creative, as a super hero I would have a blue & gold cloak..( Blue for my necessary recharge in nature-water, gold for the sun & radiating to those I love & respect ) perhaps a logo on my chest encompassing the collective of yogis' both teachers past, present, future, and those who come to, or have ever come to anyone's Yoga classes and got something from it.
I'm trying not to rescue, I know it doesn't work, but intending to enable people to rescue themselves: This is my conscious choice of super power, whether that comes across or not is in the eye of the beholder, but the power of intention is how energy moves in the (yoga) world.

I am a very lucky being, with providence always responding to my actions, I have sharp instincts which I now trust, I encourage you to trust yours too.

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