Practice & Routine, whats the difference?

There is so much good to be said for routine, structure and predictability. It has served us well particularly through hard times.
Yoga as a physical practice errs on the side of routine, which begs the question;

What is the difference between a yoga practice and a yoga routine?

Exasperatingly there is not a straightforward answer to this, and many people will have differing views.

So heres my view;

A yoga routine could be considered as what we go to regularly to stretch, to feel bendy, be amongst like-minded people and maybe to learn something new. It can bring a balance to work and play into our week.
20 years ago my weekly yoga session was the oasis of peace in my week.. which led to a yoga practice being established.

Routine; "an unvarying and constantly repeated formula, as of speech or action; convenient or predictable response:"

A yoga practice emerged from the feeling that there was more to it than a weekly session. It felt right, I  was moving with more awareness, eating more appreciatively, enjoying the journey from home to work a lot more...etc
Life changed, and with hindsight I realise that the effect of these sessions was more profound than I had anticipated. Yoga was becoming part of my life off the mat.

Practice; "to follow or observe habitually or customarily:"

It became part of my habitual life.
These days I tend to lean on spiritual texts to help me out if I need it, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika has commentary in the introduction, heres a little snippet;

"Experience has taught us that in order to practice yama and niyama, (discipline and self-control), a certain quality of mind is needed. Often we observe that when we try to practice self-control and discipline, we create more mental problems in our mind and personality.

If harmony is not created in the personality, then self- control and self-discipline will create more conflict rather than peace of mind. ... from the spiritual standpoint it has mercilessly failed to assist man when confronted with the dilemma of his own evolution."

A great reminder that everyone has the capacity for an opinion, and it belongs to them. You always have the choice.

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