Our wonderful yoga teachers…

Introducing Lara
Yoga instructor in Totnes and Newton Abbott.
I met Lara whilst she was (and I was) putting up a flier on the market square notice board, which regularly gets stripped of its notices to the dismay of most local yoga teachers who have made the effort to create, print off and distribute these small works of art.
At the time, I mentioned to her that I was creating an online notice board so we get to choose when the notices come down! Delight, she was instantly interested, and we got talking.  Authenticity
Lara hasn’t been teaching long- since February, and it has been quite a journey.
A wonderfully humble teacher, she mentions the work she has had to do to combat crippling self-confidence issues, and in the same breath mentions one of the key words often used in yoga – authenticity.

My first impression of Lara is of the joy of life. She has obviously had quite a journey to get to this point, and it has not all been plain sailing.

She is candid about her weaknesses and overjoyed and surprised by her strengths. Authenticity comes easily to Lara through my eyes. She has nothing to hide and is warm and overflowing with kindness of others. She is a natural teacher. Vinyasa flow
She teaches what she is most comfortable teaching; Vinyasa flow. After attempting the seemingly easier option of “beginners yoga” when she first qualified, and realising that is actually really hard! Vinyasa may sound off-putting to some, but with her softness, and sense of fun, you can’t help but trust that she’ll look out for you.

Why Yoga?- She picked up Yoga whilst doing her masters degree, as a way to steady  her mind, and found herself on the mat for an hour or so as a refuge when things got tough.
When things have been difficult Lara has used Yoga as a prop to help her through, to feel, to process & move through tricky times. Training
She first did her 200 hour teacher training in Morocco, for herself- To explore her life. I’m sure it was not too taxing to be popping to Thailand for retreats too, and unsurprisingly met some solid yoga teacher friends out there who encouraged her to do the next step, The 300 hour training in Bali. Lara’s history
In Totnes for a while, Lara went to Kevicc, the local secondary school, and since has spent a lot of time travelling, and with animals and later as a scuba diving instructor.
The travel element of her life has calmed down and she is rooted here to really explore her yoga life. Love of life
Animals, diving and yoga, her three passions instil peace and serenity in her life although when you meet her she is full of energy and brimming with life, probably not needing the coffee I have got her, but taking it in her stride with a shrug and a giggle. Lara has developed a healthy balance and appreciation of her own energy and how her life is working in this body in this place, right now.
It is important for such a vital person to share her enthusiasm and does so with an extraordinary energy laced with deep kindness.

A keen appreciation of Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga, she honed in her teaching to Vinyasa flow, and keeps her own practice varied and leaning on other disciplines. A real inspiration.Superpower
Lara’s uniqueness comes in the form of her working on her own physical strength, but more than that is her enthusiasm to infect people with her own constant learning;
“People often say -“oh I can’t do that pose” or; “I think I’ll sit this one out”
 and I’m like, lets change that narrative to:
 “I can’t do that -YET!” and, maybe; “I’ll give it a try”

This superpower of Lara’s is really valuable and makes her stand out amongst the plethora of yoga teachers out there.

Explore and have a laugh with it.” Lara Stone

Lara’s sessions in Totnes:
Move Forward Studio Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm
Newton Abbott sessions to begin mid-August.

“Lara is the real deal!” S.P Totnes

“Even if I feel I can’t do a pose, Lara makes it easy to be ok with that. I can bring focus to the fun of exploring yoga for yoga’s sake, not for the glory of a pose” KH Totnes

Katie Hancock, August 2023.

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