Summer & Symbols

June!!...And its really starting to feel like summer! Even Totnes was almost deserted on Sunday as I guess most of you were at the coast or by/in the river..?

Yes it's a "Yang" time of year.
Yang is the Chinese version of the "masculine" energies associated with outward and upward movements of energy...And as we head towards midsummer, I hear of  many people stubbing their toes, or bashing their head, a thumb in the door maybe, just a little nudge from your body to keep up.. without overdoing it.
It isn't easy to have to adjust all the time to our outward environments constant changes (not to mention our own constant changes!).

Talking of "masculine" (yang) often helps to balance things up a little, to also mention the feminine, the dark, the moon and so on... Yin and Yang are intrinsically linked, always together and their point of contact is the representation of the "middle way" ... Yin & Yang...

Then this popped into my mind:

The Sri Yantra sacred symbol.

Ok so it looks like we're heading into the fascinating world of symbols... I really wasn't intending to...but it gets interesting the more times you ask "Why?"
Yes there is a reason why there are so many triangles in the Sri Yantra, they all have a symbolic meaning and reference to the body. And at the centre the perfectly balanced Bindu or cosmic centre.

The symbol is immensely complex and involves:
The connection of the cosmos with the body
Deities of Hinduism and Shaktism
Shiva & Shakti
Representation of the creative lotus
the universe & mulit-verses.
The creator/god/natureI could go on..but it is also a subject of "nothing and everything all at once", which I like as this leads us to a less intellectual plane of understanding which I believe is what it was originally created for... To not have to know.

Interesting to have a look at these symbols without their meanings and see what you are drawn to. What does your subconscious show you about yourself?

"Sacred symbols are used to convey concepts concerned with humanity's relationship to the sacred or holy (e.g., the cross in Christianity) and also to the social and material world (e.g., the dharmachakra, or wheel of the law, of Buddhism)."

And here are a few if you want to know what some of them mean... highlighting how personal our symbols are, as special and unique as the swirl of your fingerprints.

Now for something completely different..

It's Festy season!... and a lot of our yoga instructors are spreading their wings to the gathering fields all over the place... please check in with your teacher, ask them if they're going to any festivals, and teaching over the summer & you're not left in the lurch without a class to go to...

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