Springing froward!!

The natural world is a great way for us to remember how we are also subject to the tumultuousness of the seasons. Rain, sun, rain again, a bit of sun...yes the weather is tough, but just like the natural world around us, we are also re-awakening from the slower moods and lower energies of winter, into the "making things happen" of spring.

..And there is quite a lot going on. I have noticed the Totnesian notice boards filling up with brightly coloured fliers with all kinds of offers- healing, spiritual awakening, dancing, singing, of course lots of yoga, (including the posters below.)

I feel like I've also had a time with my head in books, researching and getting lots done- more than I imagined, and have neglected this platform for a while, so apologies if you've missed me, I've missed you too, but I'm back!

One of the things I've been researching is retreat centres in and around Devon. So exciting!
A lot of the Collective members run retreats of all shapes and sizes, and there are retreat centres to fit most pocket depths, as well as all the skill we have amassed between us which we are eager to share. So we're expanding a little to fit into our new spring "outfits".
Ans and I have been working on developing a page on the website devoted to retreats. It has only got one on at the moment, but the page is in its infancy, so bare with us! We'll be filling it up!

On a more holidayish note, this Easter fortnight has been a break for many, which brings me to the question of why we still adhere to christian holidays as an unspoken expectation.

I know this can be a touchy subject, and I have nothing against modern Christianity, but why not stir a little?
My own upbringing was pretty liberal, my siblings and I weren't christened and were given the freedom to find out and choose for ourselves which direction to place our spiritual endeavours, for which I am eternally grateful. Untangling from a religion or belief system which fits poorly is like trying to squeeze back into school uniform -no thanks.

So When I discovered energy and the life forces of nature (including us) I started to think that perhaps the bible and the Mahabarata, and all the religious texts that have gone before could be seen as an ode to the wonders of nature, poems if you like, full of myth and legend, stories and also the wonders of us! The good the bad, and the ugly, but also the beautiful.

And all of sudden the push and pull of preachers and seeing how our lives revolve around certain religious holidays seem a bit irrelevant. I mean basically we can get cheaper travel out of holiday season, and the traffic is horrendous either side of Easter. But there are also these other celebrations within the pagan calendar, which acknowledge the changes in the natural world. An interesting link to other ways of being..

I mentioned back in February the celebration of Imbolk, ( representing the first signs of spring, and reaffirming intentions) but we are headed towards, and may already be sensing the affects of Beltane coming up in a couple of weeks... Not just about dancing round a pole!
"Celebrated by many pagan traditions, among modern Druids this festival recognises the power of life in its fullness, the greening of the world, youthfulness and flourishing." Wiki
With this fullness and flourishing I invite you to roll out your mat and find your springy yoga, maybe book yourself in for a session, retreat, or workshop to not just tap in to your own body and mind, but also the collective consciousness, see that everyone is sensing the changes around us.
We are more than human, we are a part of our environment, a part of nature, and its time we had a few reminders of that!

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