Quantum Yoga?

As an encouragement to practice, I'm diving into the Heart Sutra to bring you a touch of poetic reality... specifically:

"Gyo- to practice, to work, to go, to reach, to penetrate".

(Please note, this is in context.. if you google 'Gyo' it comes up with a fish..!!)

This is more than an encouragement to practise your art, as this simple word implies the depth & hard work of being skilled.
The skill may very likely fade if not practised, as neglect of attention to a thing then leads it to whither in time.

So, reality check, have a few moments to give your body a little stretch, roll your shoulders, go for a walk, even roll your mat out & throw out a few poses, maybe a sequence of some kind? Notice how you are breathing.. How you are moving...

..leading sweetly onto... what is Quantum Yoga? another fad? a style to be finding out about?No no no.

"The concept of 'intertwined quanta'. One of the weirder conclusions of quantum theory, it turns out that if two particles interact at some point, then they are linked forever after, no matter how far they may later travel away from each other ... With all quanta linked since the big bang, when everything was very close together, it means the atoms in our bodies are linked to all the other atoms in existence, even inconceivably distant universes. Each of us is a microcosm, containing and reflecting the whole." A. Kerr.

Not a shabby way to start the final newsletter of 2022. This intriguing subject, which is muddling up my head properly, is also unputdownable.
Having come across a brilliantly well-researched and modestly written book "Finding the Heart Sutra" by Alex Kerr, I am smitten with this work.

[Sutra:In Buddhism, sutras are like scriptures, containing the teachings of the Buddha. Similarly, in Jainism, sutras are the sermons of a spiritual teacher. In Sanskrit, sutra means "thread," and traditional ancient literary sutras attempted to weave knowledge, threadlike, around and into their few simple words or syllables.]

"The uncertainty of life is what makes it most precious" Yoshida Kenko.

Ahmad Odeh Unsplash
What brings quantum science and yoga together? Well, if the theories and very well-tested proven experiments are to be believed, the extraordinary amount of space we are carrying between the minuscule atoms that bunch together to form this mass we call our bodies, is equal to if not further from each other than planets and stars (in perspective of course) in and beyond our solar system.
However the atoms which consist of 'us' stick together, as does the solar system.
Perversely, however, on a clear night we may be looking at stars which have died millennia ago, and we just haven't caught up.
Likewise our bodies are a mystery of time and space, and we (as consciousness) are a tool to perceive and process the material world, as we are a part of the material world.So heady! back to the mats... The reason I am bringing this up is simple...

Habitually, consciously, and sub-consciously we compare and contrast ourselves with each other... and yet we are constantly changing, as is everyone else.
This 'quantum' approach is a perspective that I think helps to steer us away from the mindset that we need to be any different than we are right now in any given moment because of something external to us.
In fact, the more I think about it, the concept becomes frankly ridiculous.

And delight in your movement.

Use any tool you like to create that movement (music, dog walking, breathing! yoga mat out...?)

This is you inhabiting your body without the hindrance of judgement.

And even if you don't move as such, if you choose stillness; be still. be ok with that.
Its all Joined up, not just in the Scriptures, but in science too. That is Quantum Yoga (in my point of view!)

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