Enthusiasm V gushing

Firstly We want to thank those of you who took part in the yoga day 8th October for your enthusiasm, your temperance and your willingness to experiment! there were some pretty far-out styles practised and you all just went for it!
Personally, I think the day went really well, the teachers seemed genuinely delighted to see so many new faces and to bring their own strengths to the forefront, likewise, your strengths were tested I think mostly in "flying" (below) & holding poses a little longer (Yin Yoga) than you might normally!

The Nidra and meditation to round off the sessions were just what was called for, the feedback I have heard already has been phenomenally positive.
And of course, blowing out any remaining cobwebs with Kirtan, more of that to come!

I think it important that you know how powerful your voice is, so down at the bottom of the page is an opportunity to give us your feedback, not just from the yoga day, but moving forward; on how things can be improved...

"Enthusiasm is not easy to put across on paper; there's a constant risk of gushing or preaching, with either one more likely to stiffen readers' resistance than break it down"
John Preston's review of "One more kilometre and we're in the shower" by Tim Hilton. A cycling book. I haven't read it, just the review.
The review, a little of which I have shared with you here, makes me think of all the yoga teachers I know. Some will have an enthusiasm which has saved lives, others have an enthusiasm which is gentle and cosy.

But I can't help thinking how interesting that is to find in a cycling review that which we have found in our own Yoga practice- Enthusiasm.
This means enthusiasm is transferrable.
...This means that our spiritual practice is within us in the form of enthusiasm, and is expressed as yoga or dance, cycling, walking or whatever you place that energy upon.

In simple terms, If it brings you joy and pleasant feelings then it belongs in the category of "good for you" if it becomes laborious and tiresome, it is no longer serving you in the same way, so a review needs to happen. This can be scary, but ultimately is the more efficient way to use your energy as opposed to staying in a habitual mode that you may have outgrown.

...I take this as a sign to start learning something. the best way to do that is by asking for feedback.
This will then inform my practice and show me where my weaknesses are and then I can move forward into learning.

Feedback is one of those things, next to the "scorpion" pose, (look at the link below) which a yoga teacher (actually anyone- let's be frank) can feel a bit nervous about. But what it really is, is an opportunity to adapt and improve their sessions so that the attendees are getting maximum from their experience, and the teacher is meanwhile getting better at their job.

Scorpion on youtube

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