“Yoga gives back” this June

I write this inside whilst the sun is shining- almost considered illegal where I come from. With my teenage daughter playing 90's hits I used to listen to around about the time I discovered yoga! So lovely to have that reminder!

Moving on... So often I feel the urge to write, and I have a little tab on my phone with a list of things to write about that have popped up, there are so many it is getting silly, but at least you know you'll never get rid of me...

This time Im feeling the urge to just tell you whats going on...

Yoga gives Back

A Handful of us have put our heads together to do something to help. We know that there might be say a massive music festival that weekend, or a wedding that keeps you from coming, but we can help in other ways- spread the word, that always helps.
https://yogagivesback.org/host-fundraiser/ where you can donate, or find out more if you can't come.

The sun has finally graced us with tan- worthy force, and I have noticed not just in my own yoga practice, but in many others, a certain vibrancy that wasn't there from October to about 3 weeks ago... In sanskrit it's called Virya; the thirst for being a bit more involved with life around us.  a boldness, and naturally we have a bit more energy for our own inner lives.
This balance is the classic subject of duality and non-duality that many practitioners refer to within the yin -yang symbol.

These two cannot exist without each other, and it comes up almost constantly, but the brilliance of the symbol is that it is cyclical, things come back on themselves "what comes around goes around". When we shine we also cast a shadow. When we are high on the wonder of life we must also reserve some of that wonder for our own shadow, so often overlooked, but contains such gems.
I was re-listening to an interview I did with Turiya Ma, a local Hridaya yoga and meditation teacher who I am also writing about, (watch this space) and one of the many amazing things she said to me was along the lines of:

"the biggest learnings can be in the triggers"TM

I bring this up because it is appropriate for the privileged place we are in in the west.
Our lovely friend and fellow teacher Ione has been following the charity "Yoga gives back " which has its focus on the month of June each year as a time for yoga around the world to make a bit of an effort for folks who haven't got it as good as us lets say.
Education is a given in the west, even to the extent I see in my offspring that there is a finish line after A levels (or the equivalent) that then means they are free...

In India it is almost the opposite, girls and women rarely have the opportunity for education even if it is free. This charity gets girls and women back in the education loop, giving them essential skills and helping them to achieve their own potential.

Karma Yoga- the urge.
So where am I going with this? So there is a think called Karma Yoga, the work of yoga, exchange of skills, the tidying up after an event, the folding of the rugs, helping each other out.

My point is, that often we feel obliged to give (time, money, stuff)
The word "Charity" I'll admit does make me think about my bank balance and if I can afford to give, but I don't have any qualms about buying a chocolate bar, even if I do share it... (sounds a bit like a confession!)

So what about my moral bank account? No! it's not about that. Karma Yoga is more of a feeling, redressing the balance, an inner request, an urge to help, it is a response to the suffering of others. Not a one up-manship because I can see others around me have given a tenner to a thing.

We have to be realistic, so the team behind the scenes have devised a few discounts for this event at the top of the blog, hopefully that will help you to see that we take the cost of living in this country seriously as well as our genuine response to help others to thrive.
It takes care of the yin and the yang of our inner responsibilities and could even bring up a bit of shadow perhaps?
See what you think..


What are we going to do on the day?
Well, we have said Asana, Chanting, Nidra and tea & cake on the flier, which we will prioritise, as yoga is not just making great shapes with our fabulous bodies, it is many things, which is one of the aspects we want to highlight from the collective.
Some might say Yoga is available all the time if we have awareness.

So with a fair chunk of moral and social quandary to ponder I'll leave you with this 3 hour event which with so much support from around the world will be fun and vibrant with all the energy of summer under its belt.

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