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A day of Yoga in Totnes 

Saturday 23rd September 2023

Totnes is a small town with a big heart.
And a lot of yoga experts.

Visitors are surprised that a small town can sustain so many coffee shops on Fore St – our equivalent of the High Street.

But there are likely other towns who can claim more coffee shops per head than Totnes

But Yoga Teachers ? We don’t think so. 

And we are declaring Totnes ‘A Centre of Yoga Excellence’ for the holistic science of yoga.

To help us celebrate this please join us on the 23rd September where we will have a wealth of the teaching talent gather to practise the postures and philosophy of Yoga. 

We will offer a mix of shorter taster sessions as well as longer deeper dives.

£45 will secure you access to 6 different sessions during the day

Choose to try something new or immerse in a style that is familiar.

Includes a vegetarian lunch and refreshments through the day.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to promoting Totnes as a place of excellence for yoga, and as Dana (Sanskrit for Donation) to the teachers.

Om Shanti
🙏 Namaste 
Katie,Natalie & the Collective

Katie Hancock, August 2023.

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