Natural rebel.

The autumn may bring us fantastic colours and great harvests, but it also brings the wind, and this powerful force does more than you might think...

The natural rebel
Teachers have noticed over the years that children, particularly primary age, go completely nuts when it's windy. They are a great example for us to embrace the wildness of the weather. Adults so often have this conditioned need to control and conform which of course makes things easier because everyone is on the same page to a certain extent, but this wildness that comes from the sky infects those who are more open, infuses them with the force of the natural rebel.
We so often conform to the point that we are constricted beyond creativity and self expression, we are often functioning in a state that is unnatural and dare I say, disrespectful to our inner worlds. I say this provokingly to initiate that set of self reflective considerations for all of us.
At the retreat I recently came back from, one of the questions asked in session was:

"What makes your heart sing?"

We are animals
We are animals- and we forget that we are. Thats ok, we have all this evidence around us telling us of our higher intellect and ability to be in an elevated state of consciousness. We may have a bigger IQ than a monkey, but we also share our DNA with trees- a lot of it. So it stands to reason that we should use our surroundings, our environment as inspiration of how to move through changes. The trees do it without any attachment to what has happened before, or what is to come.

We can also harness the energy that surges through us in a big storm, a deep freeze, a sudden change in the weather, by staying present to it and being respectful to our lives, which are a pin prick in the timeline of the earth, so therefore should be taken seriously with a lense of un-judgemental fun.
Let the animal in you have wild unkempt hair for a change, let the animal in you get up in the middle of the night and go off into the woods just to see how it feels, let he animal in you devour that meal in front of you, or stand on your head, let the animal in you hibernate, just get some actual rest!

How does yoga come into this?
Yes Yoga is about control of the mind's fluctuations, but how can we control anything if we don't understand it, experience it, know where it comes from, feel it, and ultimately -own it.

The role of yoga in wild times is to inspire us to follow intuition, to be ok with not being ok, all things will pass. To stay with the breath, the ever present breath, and lean on the sensationally intelligent nature that surrounds us.

Some of you may remember this little picture I put in a newsletter from ages ago, and I think serves as a gentle reminder of the suggestions of ethical and moral principles that underpins traditional Yoga... never hurts to jog the memory to help keep us steady.

Incidentally talking of change, we will see a change in format to these newsletters soon, with a bigger emphasis on the yoga sessions teachers & events fortnightly, and my usual blog-like messages alternate fortnightly.
This serves as more of a regular update for all of you referring to the collective for information, changes of session times & places and new teachers who I will keep interviewing to find out their superpowers!

Om Shanti

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