We Are Matter, We Matter

'Someone I loved once told me that there are fragments within us

that are the same age as the universe, and because we are matter,

we can never be destroyed. That a part of us will live forever and

ever, and that in making us the universe was celebrating itself,

we are its living, breathing joy.'

~ from Wild Embers by Nikita Gill

Nasa. Unsplash

Recently I have been teaching the occasional class outside in the elements, (ok not when it's wet) this brings me to see another perspective on practising Yoga.
When we are in session, often it is in a room. We are asked by our teacher to search inside ourselves for freedom in the body -and that is right! brilliant.

..But what if when we are outside- we look up to the sky that just keeps on going... our eyes register colour and movement, but beyond that blue or pink or whatever colour you are sensing there is the profound and fathomless & quite frankly bonkers depth of the darkness of the universe.

Paul Berthelon Bravo Unsplash

Ok, so Youtube gives us a little over 4 minutes of quantum physics, feel free to skip this.
Empty Space is NOT Empty

We are made from this, and this isn't just la la woo woo- it's physics. So it stands to reason that we have something in common with this gargantuan space.

We move, we have fluctuations of mood, energy, rest, sleep, excitement, etc. And we affect and interact with others and things around us.

Looking into quantum physics isn't everyone's idea of fun, but I can't help myself looking at this stuff! it makes emotions so much more interesting. I have a deeper clarity around anxiety and stress because of this.

Yoga and meditation help to rearrange our energies for optimum balance and ultimately moments of peace, and appreciation of peace.

"Many Physicists now describe photons, not as tiny “particles” but as excited “wave peaks in the “Electromagnetic field” that permeates the universe.
...there would be many quadrillions of photons (or wavefield peaks/energy), whizzing through space in every direction, every second, coming from every direction simultaneously. From that perspective, empty space could still be a void of nothingness, but it would be a very busy place, with matter occupying it here and there, and energy photons by the countless numbers rocketing through it at light speed. Even inside our bodies, our own personal empty space would be filled with things passing through it."

Matthew Wood
, M.Sc. Physics, University College London and
Ezio Cosatto
, M.S. Facoltà Di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche E Naturali & Physics, University of Genoa

Matter interacts with matter, which is interesting considering Patanjali's second Sutra;

Yogas Chitta Vrittis Nirodaha
"The stilling of the fluctuations of the mind."

-By calming this mental chatter, we can begin to yoke [to integrate]; cultivating the natural union within ourselves so that we find peace and bliss"

So Yoga is a skill which we can use to hone in on these busy places in our existence to bring calm, to observe the not so calm with perspective, to be ok with the fluctuations that are happening because we are all part of this energy in the universe, doing all sorts of unpredictable things all of the time.

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