Holidays With Wordle & Yoga

There is definitely something to be said for the satisfaction of beating Wordle in three rows. The holidays have seen this game intermittently finding its way into my life, as an attempt to avoid Alzheimer's I tell myself, or get better at scrabble maybe.
It also feels like the smartphone's version of illicit sweets that I might buy when I feel I deserve a treat, but Wordle doesn't end up on my waist, yey!

The break from routine and classes has also given me a taste of how I take this hobby- turned-profession of Yoga into a real life "holiday" situation & remembering how awful I feel if I don't stretch or breathe properly for a bit.

Ok so there wasn't an "infinity" pool as such & the horizon was a lot more interesting (& less touched up) where we were, but time to myself and space to do whatever yoga or movement found its way to that moment & just happened by the side of the pool, and made me feel totally alive with complete awareness of my outer world feeding and nourishing my inner world. Fan-blooming-tastic. Thanks Hugo for the secret pic.

Proverb. a change is as good as a rest. Doing something different from one's routine is as refreshing as taking a break from work altogether.

A well known saying that Google or Amazon haven't nicked.

It is amazing to me to stop and look around a bit. When I'm not head in a book or on a Yoga mat, to have a look around at what everyone else is doing how they are doing it, and why & Having time to digest any alterations this might bring to the status quo, after all we are highly influenced by each other, so why not try a few different things.

...Speaking of which, if you haven't booked a slot on the Day of Yoga you might want to do that soon as spaces are running out!

So Summer approaches & I want to just give you a taster of whats to come in my sessions this term;

Sun Salutations will take on a more summery Yang style approach, and will help fitness levels as well as those moments of peace and awareness we need!
Yin and meditation will be exploring these longer held poses, insight meditation and potentially taking these sessions outside to Leechwell gardens ( a non doggy place) or St Mary's Churchyard lawn if the weather permits.
Hatha Yoga we'll be looking into awareness, flexibility, anatomy, physiology, differing expectations and the grace that comes with confidence in our movements as we re-learn movements in asana practice.
And the understanding of the power of the breath. (not necessarily Wim Hof style but why not if you're already interested.- ps; this link is Chazza's version, you have to pay for the real thing.)

A few other things going on...

Of course A day of Yoga in Birdwood House Saturday 14th May
Joy Prater's Restorative Yin evening session Sunday 15th May, Angel Hall, Bowden house.
James Russel Pranayama workshop 21st May. the ever popular Bowden House.
Adam & Sabina's October retreat which is sure to book up fast.. Silent meditation retreat At the beautiful Brimpts Farm, Dartmoor

Behind the scenes;

The Collective;
Its all about.... or 
And check out past and present blogs on the website;

Looking forward to seeing you.

Om Shanti

By the way, This term any non-allocated money we receive will be sent to;

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