What are we made of? What are you made of?!


We are what we eat.

A huge subject for discussion…

Lets start with a bit of science;

On a cellular level, we are composed of the same stuff as leeks, trees, rocks and a whole bunch of stuff around us. Sounds weird I know, and hopefully, we don’t have too much plastic in us, (although unfortunately, that may now be the case with microplastics..gah!)
But I am not just making this up, think about it, if you look on the side of your average cereal box, or Yoghurt pot you’ll have a list of minerals looking something like this;


Many of these things also appear in us...

-Calcium- Many colours of rock mineral Calcite & leafy greens (eg;Kale)
-And in us; Bones & Calcite,

-Magnesium- The sea contains trillions of tonnes of magnesium, (8th most abundant element on Earth)
-And in us; Our bodies need it for muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, blood pressure. It also helps your body make protein, bone, and DNA

-Potassium- Bananas, potash,
-And in us; Bones, blood, liver, all cells.

-Phosphorus- The sea, fish,
and in us; Bones, teeth, DNA,

-Iron, - Rusty stuff, rain, the middle of the Earth, chocolate.
And in us; Haemoglobin in red blood cells

I think you get the idea...
We are what we put in our lovely bodies, so its worth taking time to figure out what is going into it!

We are what we eat, yes. But we are also programmed in a very quiet place to occasionally get cravings. This is your body’s alert to your conscious self of a dip in the levels of something that your body has learned to rely on for a certain mineral or few.. it often happens with chocolate I have noticed, it's normal, I’m not the only one.

Eek! are we hiding from something when we binge? I have often said to myself one cant binge on dark chocolate, it takes too long to eat, but really? I can get through a whole bar, or packet of Montezuma dark chocolate buttons, they are so fun to eat! Who am I kidding?
No really, psychologists might mention bingeing as a way to stifle uncomfortable feelings, often related to body image. It's a vicious thing.

Ancient and modern, Fasting is an interesting subject... I'd love to hear your views on this.
I'm using two examples of fasting for this experiment;

-Michael Mosely and his 2-5 diet.
-Gautama Buddha and his asceticism for enlightenment.


Why did Buddha give up fasting in the end?

Answer. Because he realised it wasn't the answer to the search for enlightenment.
It was only after he gave up the practice of harsh asceticism, including extreme fasting, and instead focused on the practice of meditation and jhana,[Wisdom and study] that he attained awakening. ...

The Buddha held that practising mindfulness of eating/food could lead to weight loss and better health.
A touch easier I think.

TV Doctor Dr Mosely has researched healthy diets for a long time, and Horizon brought him to us with one of the most popular ways to get healthier, (look at the last 10 minutes for more in-depth info) lighter, and live longer (?) with intermittent fasting… Have a look at the link, it is the whole programme, so get a cuppa and settle in.

Veganism and Yoga

A huge subject..

Here I’m leaning on the history of Yoga a little, back to the books, where we often find the word. “Ahimsa,”.- found in the first “limb” of Ashtanga. (Ashta = eight, anga = limb/angle )
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali say;

"Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term meaning non-violence. Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras advises that future suffering should be avoided. He gives the method of ahimsa: don't cause the suffering of any other being. The benefit is that you will be free from suffering."

This of course means not eating meat as it promotes the death of a living creature.
This can be taken further of course, to leather goods honey, and gelatine..
& non-vegan Marshmallows for those of you striking up the bbq this spring.

Yoga and its teachers do usually say when asked, that non-harm is a part of the moral side of your Yoga practice. This one’s up for discussion, I'd love to hear what you think…

Back in caveman times, vegetarianism wasn’t “coined” it just happened when the catch didn’t.
Foraging is now considered a hobby, not a survival technique. Although I would be very surprised (or would I?) if Morrisons took up selling stinging nettles and goosegrass.

There are so many ways to enter into this debate, and I have just scratched the surface of some in these blogs.
I will be looking more into how the energetic body is affected by what we eat, and as this is an enormous subject in itself I'll look out for your feedback, as I know a lot of you are proper foodies!

Feel free to email me, or respond to the website response section.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Behind the scenes;

The Collective;
-As this Saturday's Yoga day approaches, the well-organised team behind the scenes are planning and preparing to make this a beautiful and memorable day for those able to come.

- Incidentally, I felt much more relaxed once the vegan cheesecakes were ready. Funny how food keeps coming up!

-Our intention is to create an inclusive and relaxing atmosphere not just for those of you with your yoga mat under your arm, but for anyone who has had even an inkling of interest, please come by and find out more about your local teachers, they are here for you!

You can look up teachers on the website and find out what they do.

Look out for Adam & Sabina's retreats (there's one this Sunday!)

-Pippa is running a retreat day on Sunday 28th May 
There are still a few spaces, so if  you're interested get booked in!

Here's a sneaky preview of the line-up...

To end the day with a Kirtan!

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And check out past and present blogs on the website;

Looking forward to seeing you.
And hearing your views on Food!!!

Om Shanti


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