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Saturday 14th May's Yoga day was so much fun! Loads of enthusiasm, energy and curiosity all-round.
I love teaching Yoga, and I feel so honoured to guide those who choose to come to the sessions I run. But to hold a short space where I know nearly no-one brings out amazing energy in myself and others and the love for this art of movement and breath. It is exhilarating!


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This week is a wordy one, but it's quite interesting!


We’ve had some really positive feedback from the Collective's Yoga day last Saturday, and welcome any and all of your suggestions as to how to make these events even better.
-Although I'm not sure we’ll be doing party bags for the raw cheesecake, but hey who knows?

Talking of which, here’s the source and ingredients for both cakes;


And those were Montezuma dark chocolate buttons by the way. The re-fillery (was Natures way) and Greenlife sell them.

Moving on … and back to that immense subject of “We are what we eat” from the last blog.


I can't help thinking that if we are delighting in the food we are eating, surely that delight reverberates in our bodies translating in a magical way towards delighting in our bodies..?!
Surely then we would only put delicious things in our bodies?

You’d think so, but Marketing is very powerful.

During my Arts degree a million years ago, we briefly studied how colour is used in marketing, which was very illuminating. For example, I remember very much going off KFC at the time as I felt they were manipulating me!

.. Now I know how they were!

Red; A colour associated with alarm and panic, but also survival and urgency. (think root chakra, the base instinct for survival).

White; Purity and balance, coolness and cleanliness. (Crown Chakra, connection to the divine).

Black lines; Highlighting something to make them seem more important. Stability & support are the associations with Black (also root chakra).

Ooh, so I’ve mentioned Chakra’s, so here we go… diving into the world of energy systems.


“Chakra is a Sanscrit word. It literally means Wheel, ring or circle. Prana (energy) is said to flow through the human body along the three main Nadi’s (channels) namely, Sushumna (fire) Pingala (male) and Ida. (female)” H. Raven, Subtle Anatomy.

Image from Himalayan Yoga Institute

.. These three channels intersect in seven places within the gross body (gross= meaning your solidness of a human body, not gross= yuck) and at these intersections are found the chakras.

The Nadis kind of remind me of an electric plug…
Earth wire,(downward movement of energy) live wire, (upward movement) and the neutral wire (central).
But the chakras are much more sophisticated and subtle.

I'll put this link in for those of you with an interest in this subject. Dr. Amit Rey goes into Nadi’s as well & an extended Chakra system understanding.

Everything affects our energy, it might sound obvious, but I’m saying it anyway.

Here’s a basic lowdown on how… according to Hazel Raven in the "Crystal Healing, practitioners guide".

I would be very interested in your views on what she mentions. It is definitely up for discussion and by no means definitive but nonetheless very interesting:

Root Chakra.
(mula=root, adhara=support)

Associated colour- Red/black
Location- Perineum, the base of the spine between anus & genitals
Associated energy- Gravity, self-preservation, survival, all solid elements of the body.
Malfunction- Osteoarthritis, obesity, haemorrhoids, constipation, problems with feet, legs bones & teeth.
Intake- Protein
Sensory channel- Smell
Musical note- C
Development age- 1-8 years

Sacral Chakra.
Svadhistana (sva=vital force, adhistana= sacred place)

Associated colour- Orange
Location- Sexual organs upward towards naval
Associated energy- Vitality, magnetism, emotion, creativity
Malfunction- Frigidity, bladder, kidney, uterine disorders, lower back, also fear shock and guilt.
Intake- Fluids
Sensory channel- Taste
Musical note- D
Development age- 8-14

Solar Plexus.
Manipura= “land of gems” the seat of power. Manas=mind, surya=sun

Associated colour- Yellow/gold
Location- Solar plexus, between the base of the sternum and the navel.
Associated energy- Fire, personal  power, ambition, anger, joy, laughter
Malfunction- Stomach ulcers, digestive disorders, low vitality, chronic fatigue, allergies, Oversensitive to criticism, low self-esteem, addictive personality, aggression.
Intake- Starch, complex carbohydrates
Sensory channel- Sight
Musical note- E
Development age- 14-21

Heart Chakra.
Anahata (unbeaten/unstruck)

Associated colour- Green/ pink.
Location- Same area as the physical heart.
Associated energy- Compassion, love, beliefs about love and relationships. Thymus & immune system
Malfunction- Lung & heart disease, asthma, shallow breathing, high blood pressure, problems with arms, hands and fingers. Fear about betrayal, co-dependant, melancholic.
Intake- Vegetables
Sensory channel- Touch
Musical note- F
Development age- 21-28

Throat Chakra.
Visuddha (Pure. Communication)

Associated colour- Blue
Location- Throat, base of neck
Associated energy- Communication, self-expression, sound, voice, speech, writing, active listening, breath, dreaming, imagination
Malfunction- Stiff neck, cold, sore throat, thyroid and hearing problems, tinnitus, asthma, blocked creativity, suppressed emotion.
Intake- Fruit
Sensory channel- Sound
Musical note- G
Development age- 28-35

Third eye Chakra.
Ajna (command/to know)

Associated colour- Violet, indigo, purple.
Location- Between and just above physical eyes.
Associated energy- Intuition, the unknown, mystery. perception, awareness, and spiritual communication
Malfunction- Headaches, nightmares, eye problems, poor vision, glaucoma, hallucinations
Sensory channel- Light, sixth sense
Musical note-A
Development age- 35 onwards

Crown Chakra.
Sahasrara (=Thousand)

Associated colour- Pure white light
Location- At the crown of the head (anterior fontanelle)
Associated with- Enlightenment, consciousness, cerebral cortex, skin
Malfunction- Confusion, depression, obsessional thinking, exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s
Intake- fasting/ breath (Prana)
Sensory channel- Experience (beyond self)
Musical note- B
Silence or Om


Yoga is a multiverse of information, so I'm hoping this isn't too much of a download!

....Next week we'll look at how Yoga asanas and breath works affect and influence the Chakras.

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